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Wearing motion capture. Yes. What is that? Like. Looks super comfortable, and it's just not even a delight for John carber. I was I was on like stilts this high. And been can't be camera on my back and the dots and the ridiculous unflattering, you know, Mushin capsule apps you in the desert for practically five months, all my. And then when they when the review comes out someone says, you know, ours carcass voiced by Willem Dafoe. How did I thought? Okay. Oh how movies? They don't and they don't they don't have to. I don't know how cards made but I can still drive in. It can get me someplace. But what's that? Like, it's. Pretending it's task. It's task. It's it's challenge. You know, we used to play basketball on stilts to try to get good with them. You know, I like it. I mean, I I'm like doing structured actions and having something come out of it. It's. Sometimes I've even I've said I feel more like a dancer than an actor because I really believe in the wisdom of the body. And I think I think all things emotional psychological from out of action in home out of applying yourself to doing things that doing actor actor do were. How old is your son? How old is probably thirty seven. Okay. I'm asking because. Me somewhere around that. He's four years older than me. He's thirty six. I'm good at math thirty six. Okay. Let's go with that. But the reason I ask is because it's always interesting to me, you almost always here actor say, I made a film. So my kid could see it or or. What would I thinking of? Get it. But I never. Here. I care, but that's not why do. Fighter bigger fish to fry wary about that. Think that was cool though, having you in spider man, doing things like that you grew up on movie sets the app around the theater's. So everything was cool. Yeah. Maybe that's why didn't need to do it for him. Because he was always pretty around my stuff. So we was me. I was him. We're family. I don't have to do. For. Tell us about your Pixar experience. Picks is great. I mean, I can. For example. Well, it's different because John Carter was one thing. And finding nemo was a mother finding nemo. Andrew Stanton is just fantastic to work with. And basically since you're voicing things you'd go in there, and you just bang away. All these different variations just to give them material to work with because they're animating you aren't animating to something that's already drawn doing the first year doing the first draft. And then there's lots of drafts after that. But he was a genius at being in the room and just giving you direction to put it on its head. Do it sideways. Do it in all these different ways. And was really fun. It was like a game of call and response. And he was you know, tireless in variety he could find and Pixar as a place was just amazing because everybody was turned on a do..

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