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It's time for you better. You bet with nick condos and ken barkley they bring you the betting insight laughs and some rance along the way. Joe judge delights kicking go for it never duress gate. Why coach to win. When you can coach not to loo- we'll give you an edge to beat the spread and so much more that are facing each other in a week to week one. They both went under what happens in the game when they play each other over as literally sixty percent the last ten years. It's the simplest thing. Imagine of what do we call that. We tame tamest. It's you better. You bet from bent our number three wonderful wednesday bed nick. Costas in your favorite handicappers favourite handicap or aka. The great. Ken barclay here for another two hours. Final hour of the shows the power. Our all our beds for tonight day. Three of locked. Ken college football beds for the weekend and golf bets to close the shell with tyler morales for the ryder cup. Adam written berg. Espn senior college. Football writer and reporter joins us in forty minutes. Ten and i will get into more. Nfl futures at twenty minutes including the coach of the year market. And i see some fascinating stuff there. Some opportunities potentially in the coach of the year market. But we start this hour number three on this wednesday off with our pal. The great pete prisco from cbs sports on twitter at prisco cbs senior nfl writer for cbs sports dot com. Watch him on. Cbs sports hq and you can hear him sometimes on. We'll brinson podcasts. which is really. Pete friscos podcast. Which is the pick six. Podcast p joins us now here on the show pete. Welcome back to you better. You bet with nick. And ken bet q. L. on this wonderful wednesday. How's the season been you so far my man awesome. You know we. We always talk during the summer. How you know tear. It's here change in your life and everything and once it gets here the game star playing you love it. I mean it's great but Yeah there's nothing like the off season for little relaxation but there's nothing like the intensity of football season to get your juices flowing. I want to ask you. I know we have some games in some picks that you want to give out but obviously like the the news of the day. Probably two pieces of news. Both quarterback related. Maybe three if you count rothlisberger. I want to ask you about justin fields. Just because i obviously it's the most interesting thing going right now the idea that he's gonna take over for andy dalton maybe permanently. Maybe not nick. Thanks plays well. it's permanently. But they're touchdown dog against cleveland in a game with a low total. Just kinda wondering your expectations for fields. Now that he's taken over the starting job and in this game in week three. Well i hope they do some things with him to get him outside the pocket and his legs. Do some type of thing. 'cause i think that'll take the pressure off of this. You watch the game. Last week i had a couple of drop passes. There was some you know. Allen robinson an in mooney dropped one and those guys should have caught those falls but he also made a really bad read and decision on the pick six..

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