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From otis for dot com and otis magazine. I'm arianna on this is that what is forecast. Wows why do we even start back you. It certainly delivered today with the race. Full of drama and fought break and ending with a very unexpected podium. Sergio perez claimed his fast red bull victory funded by sebastian battle with his first aston martin radium. Pa taking p. Three on a day when neither of the championship contenders scored any points. We saw two big accidents today causing end to racist of launched row and max western both incidents strikingly similar as they suffered from left. Rear tire failures giving rise to questions about those parental tires. The race ended up being incredibly manic. And i think it's safe to say that none of us could have predicted how today played out. And i'm joined by jonathan noble might spoil dot com f. one editor and jess mcfadden director of district strachey for export network. Thank you for joining may. Now before we get into the race recap. Let's kick straight off with your ratings jess. Yeah it's always. It's always hard to go straight into a rating the race like best because the so much unpack and where we get insane. Events happening then. Don't want to just go based on the sensationalism of big crashes and things. You wanna go a little bit more and go. Actually how good. This was this race as a race and those a lot of talk right at the beginning of the fact that when hamilton's got the lead over leclerc that it was going to be really boring and kind of like a management set procession to the to the line but us no week goal so there was a lot going on and see we did have the instance that we had a much. I think i'm going to give it an eight point. Five ten k. I think it was. I think it was. I think it was good. But i think without without the taya complications it could have been a little bit more of a straightforward rice even though themes the first initial pitstops were interesting and we had lots of things going on and it kind of it was starting to settle until we had launched stroz blow out and all it all changed totally changed. But i guess that's the nature of back like we know this stuff can happen backer but until that point it was kind of going into a bit below for me and then it it kicked off so i wanted to kind of like could come out and just ten because i'm still living on a high right now of everything that's happened but i think having gone away and had think about it i'm going to give it a solid eight point five not still strong gusts very strong john a you on the same wavelength of the difficulty of giving ratings like this. Is you have a sensation race. Then the next race is better than if you give one more point. Then you end up giving five races down the road you have to give thirteen points out of ten for some. So you quite gas. And i'd love to have to give thirty now. Tend to some races. Quite carefully awarding high points. I think we've out the without the verstappen tire. Blowout and without the louis instant would have been a much less spectacular race Body was it was good quite rarely. Do you get an opening phase to race where No one's able to break away basically the unpredictability of the undercover the over the strongest. And then obviously the red flag drama fat So good but there were equally a phase where it looks like it's going to be a straightforward ripple one two with louis third vet'll forfeit ghastly fifth. So it wasn't. It wasn't building up took a chandelier. We had in bahrain for example where the race was coming alive and really uncertain could go either way and if you re run it you wouldn't be sure what would happen side I've not sure if eight point five but it's more than more than a seven do important. Five's we'll do. I feel like you should be allowed. Maybe i'll give it seven point five just because if if it'd been a class of battle potentially between the leaders say peres max louis. They were fighting more for the win down. Think you'd elevator into the layer of eights. So i'm going seven point five. I am quite easy. Pleased if they even raise his monaco. I quite enjoyed so lost. People activated it so my my bar is quite quite low. Can you bought your bars quite and yet you're gonna give seven point four the low-powered i'm quite heart of master. Say about you arianna. Did you give it right. So i'm i'm going to go in the middle of uta. I'm gonna say an eight. Because i agree. I think the the drama of it definitely elevated it and allowed the race to unravel away. It did but had not been for those fake instance. I think we wouldn't have actually seen much more as you guys have said so. I'm going to go in the middle for eight. I think it was super exciting. Really really exciting. And i cannot predict it on wrapping like that. Atl which i know from a race. And i love back. Yeah definitely a little bit by staff but for anyone who may have missed the race all might just want to relive the How exactly did it go down. While off the line charlotte i held onto the lead but on lap three to pass the ferrari to take the lead and before long bike ride bose also made their way to the class who dropped back to fourth. Hamilton was the fastest three to pit on lap. Thirteen how briefly as gazi was let past. Meanwhile the southbound put in a strong in and the red bulls able to take advantage of hamilton's delay meaning the stop stopping rejoined from his pistol. Four seconds ahead of hamilton. Paris pit the following lap and managed to come out with pits ahead of hamilton. Meanwhile off the salting p eleven to was also making up places and after his pitstop online eighteen he came out behind in p. seven on lap. Thirty one disaster struck when launch drought had been on a lowest in on the hard tyres experience select retire fadia crashing into the wu on the main straight and bringing out the safety car and a close pit lane off to the safety. Cauvery stop continued on top form overtaking.

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