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Oh yeah let's be clear right like this contains when you log onto the portal it contains videos that you can stream anywhere right on the computer on a i'm gonna use it on my ipad right you can do it on your smartphone on a web enabled tv roku box all that sort of stuff so you can put it on you can watch the programs they you can also download it's it's got a little tab where you can download the written materials so it tells you you know what you need the each program has like dietary advice under it as well it's it's really really cool and you know for me like i i feel pretty good about this one right like so i clicked on fitness level and my fitness levels not great we all know that i i clicked on beginner and i was like no no no i need i need big inner slash intermediate right like the beginner was i mean i really feel like you know i mean you know my my grandma could probably handle some of the beginner stuff right like it was really about gives you all the range you could need of of where you're at sounds like yeah yeah no i was awesome sight about so guys tried this out and it's awesome right now you can get a special free trial membership if you text away to thirty thirty thirty that's the that the phone number there that you text to is thirty thirty thirty and just text away and you get that free trial membership i think it's a great idea one of the best things is i love sean t because he'll kick your butt in all these workouts and there's no equipment like yours doodads bundy's or anything like there's so much different stuff you can do to get in shape so if that's something you're interested in make sure tex away to thirty thirty thirty and we're going to check in in a month i will be able to tell you what i think of tony horton and we'll see we'll see how how each of us are doing awesome sounds great.

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