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Only came in for a good time I I don't want to trouble I only came here for a good time that's what Donald Trump visual medium when it comes to the beltway governor's years ago and meet the president when it comes to their state interesting yeah we don't break out so let's talk about Detroit news is reporting this probably the free press as well Donald Trump to visit the Russellville Ford plant which is right down the street he's coming in despite the governor saying you can't come here a citizen said the specific of trumpet you know that's what she wants to say nobody can visit no she came up with this yesterday yesterday can't visit a manufacturing facility unless you are an essential employee I'd say the president is an essential employee anywhere in the world yeah you're also going to a dairy queen is essential employee okay my not physically worked there but yeah he's essential employees the central present as well this is good god bless Donald Trump for doing this I wonder you know we'll never know but I wonder if he's doing this to separate her face he doesn't like Gretchen Whitmer don't we none of ways of thinking do now what's your name there brownie what's your name for a bike on a name now yeah this is press secretaries that which is known as a campaign manager at the right around me thank you I came within a mile run around yeah run Romney McDaniel's used to do the McDaniels thing on the other I think she'd want to be associated with Mitch is part of the family somewhat distance is not directly related to met I'd I don't think I think his G. like a niece or some I don't know whatever but she's a straight a conservative she works with the president I wonder if she said you know Mister president it would be fabulous they're sitting around drinking beers or whatever I eat pizza do you know Mr president I I in NO it away from the public and be great if you are right to Michigan chevron Gretchen's knows it would be great Mr president we don't want to come to my state please S. you know I saw her just briefly before she took the job with the president me and my Sunday afternoon conservative confab crew were out to lunch and we're at a place called the rusty bucket yeah and the run of a sitting duck to boost solar I don't know her and remember before she's pals of my good buddy Patrick Colbeck so they were talking and she didn't say anything at least at Colbert repeated and that you know they have a fairly lengthy conversation while nodding with each other anyway next thing I know she's in DC for the president that was pretty cool and though she's good she's good at I don't think she's vicious enough I want everybody to be vicious I mean I'm serious about that I don't mean necessarily vindictive and cruel but I want them to be viciously warrior like when it comes to taking down the Democrat socialists of the world they have to be have to be exact up we played that that snippet by David Horowitz on the show reasons we have to be ten percent less nice nana would be forty percent less nice easily so he's coming to Michigan this is good this Thursday right and again it's gonna be great you know our status to lock down who knows him well I'm I'm hoping people do anyway but it was visiting the rusted appliances that could be like a rally worries at some type of order they caught out there nobody they are what is it called the something showcase suburban showcase yes you need to get on start doing that again I want to see more Donald Trump rally faster up onstage thrown in her face well we told you about let's see I think we pretty much a wrap this one up and in Oregon a court has just ruled the governor's orders null and void now this is one judge we don't know yet what will happen with regard to a run up to the Supreme Court and that's how it always goes that's it the state has infinite resources you that's so much so in Michigan right now we've got a sometime before judge we're trying to they they say that we won the state's open no it's not it's not officially out what the sun opened a governor governor hasn't said I give up states open now and until she does sorry she's large and in charge yeah well like that okay rather than some very patriotic and get the hell out of here it's still not open it is not open it's locked down still now hopefully by the twenty eighth will all be open but maybe before that if the court says yeah we're open potential appeal it can stop president does come to town I want to comment on something here that is absolutely part of this and that's by design this is a this is out of California but this this B. speaks the Democrat socialist mind they have let out six of seven I posted these guys on Facebook six of seven sex offenders have been turned loose if somebody is a sex offender what does that tell you miss you know to have a look I'll answer that for you it says that they are driven by something so deep in their animal reptile brain that they'll never ever be free of whatever that is dead serious they're not gonna be all I see there are my ways now I don't feel like that anymore no doesn't work like that now that's how you're wired so if you're a sex offender you are wired to do things that are associated with the strongest drive in the human animal the strongest drive sex drive sex drive is stronger than the hunger drive and when you have a let's say wired the wrong way so extra you do things are hideous you can't stop you can't stop yourself it's not all you know I'm I'm fighting it well you can you can try but you're screaming like a todas Jim Morrison would say yeah and you're going to act on a lot of that that's why we need the death penalty for child molesters and rapists need the death penalty there can't be any way out of it so we're not going to get out of through counseling or to find Jesus and stop thinking about this stuff is going to happen you're not gonna hold across Louisiana meditate get rid of the stuff is going to happen you're not going to some counseling program no so when you are of this ilk you need to be taken out and away from everybody else get out of the general populace you you disagree with that you do realize you're so so here are six of these guys and these are some pretty rough looking dudes there these mugshots do you think they're going to clean up a little bit more but we're gonna get us when we come back because.

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