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Lieutenant colonel Alexander been men included his allegations they're missing portions of the White House memo of the phone call between president trump and the president of Ukraine including references to the bidens many Republicans have been quick to say anything that's a missing isn't germane to the substance of the call congressional Democrats like senator Chris Murphy have a different take I don't want to presuppose nefarious motive but if the White House has more details about that phone call they need to give it to us immediately president trump's nominee to be ambassador to Russia faced questions about election interference and the ouster of the US ambassador to Ukraine at his Senate confirmation hearing today deputy secretary of state John Thelen was the official who told ambassador Marie you have a lot of it she was being recalled early from the Ukraine post her ouster is now central to the impeachment inquiry Sullivan said that he was told only that she had lost the confidence of the president acting homeland security secretary Kevin methylene and leave his post tomorrow he gave in to the mounting pressure by house homeland security committee chair many times to testify before leaving mescaline and leaves behind a team of two hundred forty thousand today he outlined one of the team's greatest threats the prevalent trend of Americans driven by violent extremist ideologies are personal grievances to commit acts of terrorism or targeted violence with little apparent warning creates a unique challenge to law enforcement investigation tools Thompson meanwhile has been very vocal about his concerns of a replacement for such a vital cabinet position NBC twelve dot com's Nick Russo says he's pretty sure your kids will be able to collect their candy tomorrow evening before a front rolls.

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