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Appear at the app store after work for everything. They're going to get from this point on. I mean, the lightning have really done a great job structurally, not only in the neutral zone. But in their own end, this bottling the apps up not a whole lot of full of his game. And then you look back at the other side of things the top two lines really starting to really make some hay for the lightning. I may not a ton of shots on goal with the creativity has been there semi below. Mafia just been that good. When the opportunity presented itself made saints on all eleven shots. He's face. Oh, far absent fourteen and Andrei vasilevskiy as win the draw for the puck 'isms ticket on a lot three onto pill. Lightning a lot farside but be passed too far behind Steven. Stamkos non Nathan MacKinnon with electric pints. Asia's stick handle himself into a corner gave Landis Scott has the puck behind the net. Now has got hassled by Anton strongly for me, go Renton, and we've gone ranted in holding capacity in front backhand. Grandest Gog is in the skates of Steven stamkos. Now, finally, Renton and people to get to play towards the point Rarick Johnson. Johnson walking the blue line as Sam Dharar picked out. Mckinnon is at the point now human Gerard will switch basis. Gerard now. For every Johnson along the half-point looking for pass off the backboard, reaching Portas. Nathan MacKinnon do far away from him. And the puck is all the way onto the center. Gerard? How's it plays at four now for nice and Joe leaves an uproar Johnson streaking towards the net. Save made by Celeski escape real Bork, Rubino alone. And there's a penalty coming up on the Tampa Bay Lightning down to the ice once more and Brad Watson. The ad Saddam to go on the Brandon companies power play. And now Peterman now would be a good time for a power play goal. Man. I'm getting this game. But the point that was that was the first time they've hasn't pressure at what does it do it draws a penalty? They were able to change and shift the whole line before Tampa Bay can get off the guy gets caught. He's a little prior to penalty. Now. The avalanche go on the power play over two so far. Second unit is out there to start things off. It's girls Soderbergh debate the draw for Colorado against Tyler Johnson. Falls right in front of Andrei vasilevskiy and Android. He will get it. And send it the length of the ice. Gerard? With some speed of his own filing. It for Carl Soderberg by headmen. It's into the fans, and we get a pay SABA to forty four to go in period. Sam Gerard is not afraid to make that long pass. So now the avalanche really have three guys that can make that long pass. They've got Johnson. Good long path berry, very good and Gerard. Very good. So that really stretches things out in on that powerful. You could see coming out all the way up. He was looking for that long pass. Soderbergh's going to be kicked out of the draw here. We don't know exactly why they get kicked out anymore. But he is. Now Alexander perfect comes into take. It anyone draw for the ads mattress. Andhra ghetto now for SAM's Garard gambling in his own zone. Dowell gender entering the zone is spent Andrew get opening loss to handle on the puck. And soon as the Arabs got being set up and the ghettos able to escape Tyler Johnson back now percents Derartu blows a tire. He gets up and plays at long pass as foreshadowed by Peter McNab foregone Wilson Alexander Kirkwood Alpar corner for Wilson hill, spin play back to the point Gherardo fire one timer took it up election. But it's say by Vassilev Steve annual hang on with two eight to go in the second still no score between the ads and the lightning. Now, you've.

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