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Old man winter will bring in the new year i'm carmen roberts fox news it's so cold and much of the us even sharks are freezing to death those planning to be outside for new year's eve and warm shelter may be an order be really need the bundle up these temperature's already fridge in it's only going to get colder here's on the colder spots across the country right now is you're looking up negative ten degrees down to negative twenty degrees in a couple of spots you add in the windshield this is your feels like temperature it gets even colder yet and suddenly you're looking at spots in the negative 20s too negative 30's it in some cases even pushing negative forty degrees at this point it is incredibly cold out there that is all going to eventually shift is wait a little farther off to the east so more folks can expect colder temperatures as we get into new year's eve tomorrow night and then run you it to new year's day fox meteorologist adam cloth in massachusetts at least two sharks likely suffering from cold shock washed ashore this week in cape cod bay new year's eve revellers in new york's times square will face lows around ten degrees wind chill of two below but police are determined the celebrations won't be marred by violence they've ramped up security with extra officers dogs and barricades police in philadelphia doing much the same for the first time official disclosed the police will use a drone to patrol the skies over the parade route on new year's day with pictures being streamed live to a police command post they're very good for large events who did an overhead near the whole event if something happens you can zoom in on exactly what the problem is a thing as good as a safe way to keep everybody you cover hebrew buddy safe police say they will use large dump trucks and trash trucks at all intersections along broad street the protect parade participants and the.

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