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Great television and I know watching you guys do what you do and and that the bills that suspense which you have to have an TV to keep people watching it is so cold out let's go back to the hunting of America because your book is a great history and Jole Jole Martin your co author I was reading his stuff back in the early eighties when he was writing about George Anderson this amazing I mean really amazing and almost scary psychic medium fellow and and Joel and you are smart enough to know that science is advancing quantum physics I just talk with a doctor because Swami mazing quantum activist me we're getting to the point where we're getting closer and closer to finding out and finally finding out what it is that makes all this stuff take where do you think we are in that scale how many years many decades away well believe it or not I think we're warfare then we're not they are that sounds paradoxical for example when studies were done of some of the army remote viewers and people having paranormal experiences by seeing the future and they were tracked by an MRI we found out that parts of the human brain why doctors activity in the right frontal lobe when individuals are experiencing paranormal activity in Canada they did a study on not just predicting the future because we know people can predict the future more than simply coincidental they did a study on how people can actually affect the future of make future things happen they did it by bringing cards at the top of the deck that they knew were in the bottom of the deck and believe it or not people whose ability to perceive current dividends to perceive the president they will challenged in their sensory input those people could actually affect the positions of cards in a deck a scientific study scientifically monitored and peer reviewed when the CIA was investing literally hundreds of millions of dollars in the remote viewing program in in the nineteen eighties what in this one case of the scientist a physicist Harold put off actually shielded with wet very sensitive instruments measuring magnetism and all kinds of electronic flow a psychic who walked in by the name of the ingo Swann who's one of the founders of the remote viewing program for the army that person was able to set off all these devices never touch them they will shielded with lead and a whole bunch of on the remote viewers actually were able to go on spying missions and in a few cases they actually traveled forward in time saw the future came back to talk about it and those events of ventrally took place so always there I think with the which point of what we're saying and hoping that America is even though our government invests hundreds of millions and billions of dollars as a minister of goats in the paranormal they're not telling us about it it's all hidden why because America is still a puritanical country not a paranormal countries I think you're very very right about that bill and it having done radio and this kind late night for so many years and talk with people many of them are perhaps a little more out there than others there is such a thirst I think will among most people and that's why we go to church or go to synagogue with there's a thirst for connection with something bigger and and more impressive and certainly more meaningful the question is and you can take a look at this historically it gets when does it get to be dangerous one is good to be out of hand obviously the witches in Salem didn't work out too well for them there are cases where people screw up a good thing sure I mean and you can look at it from two perspectives one the victims of the paranormal the women who were murdered in Salem because there was but you've been which is on the other hand in modern in the modern world look at all the calls that resulted in deaths we think of the cult in San Diego for the help Bob comments right Applewhite and his cult all we think that people who drank Kool aid Gary Indiana with Jim Jones but even now look at the sweat lodge deaths out in Arizona three people Hey for some kind of spiritual communication and literally there in S. well lots they can't get out there dying on the spot what's going on there there are calls surrounding the paranormal in which certain kinds of coal leaders see themselves as invincible and at some point they begin simply to extract money from their followers and the promises great things will happen people who really have too much money to spend followed up looking for some kind of enlightenment wind up you've picked a Mars financially or killed let me ask you one more thing specifically about the history one of my favorite people is Eric Weiss A. K. Harry Houdini and of all of the its promises made the alleged promised that he would return and give a message has anybody ever followed up enough to know that there is anything going on with Houdini in the after life I'd love to know that he he really did do it and he really is happy to be here we love that I I think I I know you would I would I would love for somebody to discover Hey how do you do need to let the message now what's so fascinating is again you could you post two wishes hi Harry Houdini return to leave a message Hey but the larger issue he is has anybody ever return to to leave a message and the answer to a is I don't know what the answer to be is yes Georgie nori a late night radio talk show host on coast to coast AM my colleague is in a sense yeah yeah we're the book is coming out next month it's called journey to the light in that book we have a bunch of anecdotes from people the point at which was people who've gone to the edge of reality we looked over into the paranormal and have come back to tell about it in one case there is this poor woman a bully and abuse to women living in a living in a trailer boyfriend Beatle up he was it wrong but she loved the machine the whole lawn and this boy's but would always demand always demand that she had three beers and not refrigerator when we came home from wherever he was and finally what and this person got sick they smoke like chimneys got sick he died and she was weeping in a trailer she had no source of income the person who Peter up still she loves him and then the power went out it went out in the trailer even the refrigerator died and she was so sad she'd know what to do now she's weeping and she opened you can save any food and they're on the top shelf without refrigerator not put there by her which three cold beers and she knew that this person had come back there and then the power came on and these kinds of stories appear over and over again the butcher into the light and that says to me if these people do not strange people there at all but people do it every day people communicated with the deported in some cases save their lives in some cases brought solus in other cases just communicated to let them know do is another side to reality these anecdotes or true then they are approved at least for me that there is something on the other side and deported to communicate with the living will once again every major religion and look at the impact of religion is based on just such a concept the idea that we we are here serving our ourselves hopefully well and we move on to to even more afterwards it's it's what it's all based on your people don't want to so the mix the two ideas that they too can it can be possible outside of the church I want to thank you very much the haunting of America is a must read and please extend my best wishes to Joel I've been reading him for a lot of years to UFO hunter what's its future and still very successful still going if successful on on on history channel showing some incredible episodes in one case probably if you ask me one of the best cases in ufology the case of Warley woods after to be highlighted we are two words and and now fully UFO researchers will nuts and bolts engineering types have been working in this area hidden area forty years since we're for over seventy years there've been UFOs orbs strange animals shown up all kinds of paranormal manifestations locking the whole community in our forty seventy years nobody knows where it is except these researchers will gonna highlight that case we will show you in the area fifty two what happened so we are government police federal police come off a military reservation stop us on the one hand and and they want to complicate our cameras and stop us from shooting and talking about this thing we resist them back on the show and we actually managed to get the public information officer for one of our most secret base the base that was making weapons of mass destruction in the nineteen forties poison gas to use against Japan biological weapons in the nineteen forties he comes out to talk to us to reveal what's going what area we Cordelia fifty two it's Dugway proving grounds it is a phenomenal series of episodes Thursday nights starting central time I'm sorry starting at eight o'clock eastern time on the history channel were alive and well folks should watch us and write the history and say Hey keep these guys on the air well not only that but people want to read the hunting of America and all the other projects from bill burns and Joel Martin and Tate thanks so much for spending a lot of time with me here to talk about this is fascinating even if you're not a quote true believer you cannot put this stuff down I happen to be a believe prince of much of it but I really appreciate it and you've you've got great energy and that makes all the better for an interview like this thank you thank you should know the pleasure ballet classes there and there's been when I'm tired of being and not he this is Jordan and welcoming and take a few minutes out of our room movie night tonight to talk to somebody you've seen on the silver screen you see there on television and in night clubs all over the world her name is Eartha kitt she's coming to the Stoneham theater this coming week able thirteen to the seventeenth you don't want to miss our earth a let me just tell you this is a real tree because I've been a fan of yours for an awfully long time thanks for joining us thank we know that or if the kid is famous for for for many things including that slinky sound you make that I cannot make can you make it for me at all I don't know man I'm gonna say that if you don't mind beyond cat and then let me give you another one because I mean the car at the moment okay there that's perfect that is that is true the kid of course of I grew up in the sixties loving you I mean not only loving you but lusting after you as Catwoman I hope you know that thank when you think it is not that you don't think differently no not at all in fact for those people who are listening in to the the kids per performance on stage is is a just a a lot of energy in a variety thing teller WBZ audience about the kind of show that they're expecting to see when when you come to town to Stoneham theater what what what kinds of things are you doing an old fashioned girl songs that people know me by and want to be evil they won't be doing Santa baby because it's out of season right but the thing is that people have gotten to know me why and I did some things that I will I have never recorded before which I hope will be completely Corning at some time in the near future you're the kid has always been in my estimation in the estimation of many age less and I mean that is a great compliment you you have a remarkable energy and I know that you do you just want to keep going as great performers are but do you have a secret to your your youth and vitality okay it felt I'm seventy eight years old my dad all day Monday over the Nile well within reason of course hi I walk a lot which I think is very very very encouraging that we do the exercise and we eat the right kind of food that is going to make us feel lazy staying away from processed food as much as well I'm not a medical about anything but I do watch what I eat and how I treat my body well in terms of your your vocal skills you've got a very unique voice did you pattern your style after anyone were you influenced by anyone I don't think I pattern myself.

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