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Geo- yes that's a great pick. I love this enemy. What your i'm good. I'm good. I'm good are you sir. You sound you sound like something went wrong there. It just reminded me of something. I'll i'll let you know after after we get out of the way. Okay all right well yeah. Dragon is my favorite anime because it was the first adult anime that i watched because like everybody saw like Pok mon Years ago did he mind like the The the anime made to sell toys But try gun was the first show wear. I saw sifi western Elements put together. Like made into the the modern western. Which is like a kind of a cyberpunk. I guess not cyberpunk i guess. Diesel punk is probably the best way to describe it because it's a little more focused on It has technology but like the the advanced technology is not the focus. The focus is the characters in the emotions behind those characters and a little side of you is a little bit. Like a little giddy to see like the different guns in the different lake The different shoot-outs that happened later in the show. Like it's very much just speaks to my inner child because like my inner child was always about like Playing cowboys and indians with other kids like that. That was something. I did a lot as a when i was little. I mean i can see that trial. I mean it wasn't cowboys and indians because like we were told not to do that. But then it can be cowboys and aliens try gonna is centrally so trisha trisha i knew about but ever so slightly before you actually introduce me to the real real show I hung out with the with the couple who were Who were good friends of mine. And i went with the guy to pick up the girl at her place and at the time they were watching. Trae gun and Like every so often we would have popped over and they were still watching trae gun but it was different Parts in the show so the first serve the first episode. I actually watched was wolf woods introduction and then Later on down the road like two or three visits later I actually started that really like wolf would as much as i saw him on the show and then a few visits later was his death attempts. Just like oh my god. I got so mcewen that have i was like you can't do that to me. You could no. I was just like you have fun with that episode. Buddy i mean yeah chio chio actually Talks me in person about how you reacted when you finally got to. That point. Jane about you texting him and everything louis just like you know austin or jan was sending me messages like second. By second. as he was watching the episodes. I was like dude. I'm glad you're having fun but on the action because we always have shaved. Unless unless it's unless it's podcasts related. I'm like dude i'm busy. I know we're good friends and trust me. We are good friends. But i as a good friend i also have my own life. That makes no sense. We're talking about the podcast. Guest is life. That's why i always ask for a break so much so much of this. I know you don't understand what i mean but i know you understand spring. Let's go on though i love. I really like the fact that he had this complexity where you never want to kill anyone. You know what i mean. He never wanted to hurt anyone but he's putting situations where he's forced to do. So that's classically. Say not classic. That's a great way to just show his struggling and what he's going through emotionally then he's not just this warriors and for the longest time the first year episodes they don't even know that he's the wanted bash you know. They don't even know that he's a stampede. Twenty billion or twenty million double dollars sixty billion. Gosh yeah crazy amounts of of double dollars. Get the number right dan. I'm that i'm that much of a nerd about it. I know the numbers and shit even calculated that vashem's like one hundred and fifty. Remember that the fact that you calculate i remember. I was so confused. I was like you mean right now. He's like no not right now. Like just in general. I was like what do you like your keep track of it. Mathematically no she's never mind. I actually actually did pull up the old podcast that we did like side. One that we data a couple of years back i listen. I just listened to it yesterday. And i was like man i. It's been a long time since we. Since i remember you being ricardo burning up in the second we stuff about us. Open every window in your car. That's right i was in the. I was in the parking lot when dad i had to. I had to close all my windows. And i had somehow i had my My microphone with me and we did that. Podcast is like an hour or something. And then my gosh i was like dude i need to go. It is hot in here. Is like the middle of summer or something like that. I and linked because of how bad you screaming jaden the stop. That didn't help. Is there anything you wanna add to about. Hotshot or anything at q. Not not that. I haven't said already. i really do. Enjoy try gun like especially since joe actually showed me the show. I love bash. Love will would. I love maryland. Milli i was still still my least favorite parts. Wolf would dying. But it's just like. I mean to be fair when you're down. Downside went year least. Favorite episode is an episode. Where your favorite dies. Yeah like. I think that speaks volumes. About how good. The show is so now. Yeah in your one hundred percent right. Thank you but So before we move on your number one. The reason why i was like i'll fuck before we started talking about. Dragon is 'cause looking down kills lists. I actually realized another one. I could have put on my list. But i didn't think about it the time Desert punk. I could've totally mind man. But yeah but i do. I just didn't think about it by the time that we had our lists made but looking cowboy bebop gun or try gun. I'm like wait. This certain I i just watched. Like a lot of apocalyptic gunslinger shows back in the day. I mean i'm looking at your list. Yeah no you totally. That's most of my list anyway. Isn't it to be fair. Most are lists like individually all-share like once area years yes a buck whipped gunslinger janes's like intellectual and story driven minds just mainly pervy. It's like pervian. Funnier mind really. I i guess i guess A little bit of fan services in just about each one of these maybe save for ruby. What no it's been ruben. Hey hey notice a hilarious enemy okay. It's a funniest love. The people dying.

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