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Kevin durant to me his ability to shoot the basketball the first movies elevated this level of defense number one as what his does shoot a basketball shooting ability the ball handling the ability to be his old freak of nature six ten six eleven would a seven six wingspan to do two things that he can do it was it was pretty almost unfair to for him the joy granted style he's nestling with the video that i saw the video the first thing that i'm thinking is they're fractured relationship that's what i saw from here thing i said i said could i imagine pippen or or have failed but that's the dark horse like how are they ever going to go back and played together what are they going to be because of that because they are listen they learn a lot of things from abroad we learned they learn their business academic from abroad and they also learn it is perfectly fine to be friends with your opponents because who does that better than liberal live ross brawn does everything but give due the manicure on a pillow i went to the show i went the braga some rhythm i re earlier in the show because you know he's not a coast store the brought he's aside kit that's the disparity in terms of how good they are no no he's not typically toward kkob that's costar costar okay number one he he's a scoring average 25 you ain't no sidekick play and elevators leaguelow yeah he's he's a weapon not says the my point is i'm not going to reread i will say this.

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