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And. It was done. It just caused me to look at when I saw that when I was watching the when I was watching the new series. I thought my Gosh you look at it from Johnny's Perspective it's a complete paradigm shift. uh-huh Chris you use the phrase a Greek tragedy. Right. Yes. Absolutely. His life It's Just set out to sea for thirty years and just adrift. Nothing. Get down the Iliad path or anything. Seriously they guide never came back. Never I mean Again, we come to find out that his childhood was crap anyway and the only. Found stolice was inside that DOJ. Oh, and then we have John crease who stole that I, mean, he exploited that he twisted an annual you absolutely you see a kid he was. You know he's narcissistic enough to know that hey, here's a kid who's willing drink from the found. You know let's give him all. Let's Give. Him All he'll take. And when you say he, he really never came back from that he literally is still stuck in Nineteen eighty-four in every way. Far, he's got I did too I. Think I think he's the best character out of the whole bit. He's got the best lines. He says the most inappropriate hilarious things at the in these different times but you grow to love them because he is trying you know he's really. Truly trying he's just lost. You know he's really just lost and. In every now, and then you see that little glimpse of, Hey, you know he and Daniel may actually have more in common if they could just get over themselves long enough and they start to do it, and then inevitably because of your drama of writing it blows up in their faces. But whenever and especially initially when they come together, they're both, they're they're both seventeen again. With. The instantly. Instantly, back you did this no, you did that and there's There's I mean it's it's almost it's fisticuffs from the word go and it's been thirty years, right? So. It certainly is is a strange but energetic dynamic..

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