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It's always followed by that other person's sucks. And and I think we've lost a little bit of ourselves in sports. I wish we could. I wish we could just appreciate. Sports. For what it is. Without having to. To constantly judge in constantly compare. But, but then again, if we did that there'd be no reason to have half the people that are on TV talking about sports because that's all they talk about is to tell you who's better than everybody else. Which I've always which I've always found interesting. You know now that I'm sitting here with a headset on. That people who are sports writers for a living. Then go on TV and tell you that the experts at football. And they're experts at baseball, and they're experts at basketball when really they just have an opinion. But if you would've voiced that opinion, you'd be an idiot. You don't know what you're talking about? But what makes them experts? While they're there sports reporters. Okay. That's their opinion less. They're giving you facts, which anybody can find the facts to giving you their opinion. And then you get to decide whether that opinion matters or whether it doesn't, but for anybody to tell you your opinion. Does it not? For anybody to tell you that your opinions, the greatest opinion, ever the worst opinion. You know? So I find these things interesting. I thought I'd throw them out there for and now the hall of fame. Baseball hall of fame Marian Rivera. Unanimous. You magin it. Some people are not unanimous. You know, some people not being unanimous hall of famers. Is about as bad. As voting for some of the people that have been voted into the hall of fame that have really lowered the standards of the whole thing. So to be surprised Marian Rivera's unanimous. It's crazy. Of course, he's unanimous. Of course. To not be unanimous. They should stop the voting. Anybody that didn't vote for Marian Rivera should not be allowed to vote anymore. It's like those people didn't vote for Hank Aaron unanimous. You're kidding me. Right. The first unanimous player that means there was some knuckleheads didn't vote for Mickey Mantle. That means there were some guys that didn't vote for Willie Mays. Why what's their opinions? So they're entitled to their opinion. But their opinion wasn't based on their baseball ability was based on prejudice their own prejudices. Whatever the prejudice might be, you know, they didn't like the guy whatever the case may be. So it's interesting, you know, as we're talking about this. I'm you know, just throwing stuff out there about opinions and judgments that people make. And the latest is the greatest. You're that you're the you're the greatest of all time. Until when until you're not. You know, what's was it that down Hanley song the new kid in town? Your everybody's favourite until somebody new comes along. That's the way it goes. So for those of you out there that are listening. We coaches we take a very humorous look at all this. We just sit back and smile, and and listen to all the stuff that's out there. And we watch and we have a great time. We love listening to people's comments. We love listening and reading. The stuff people sent into us. Anytime we're sent in. Hey, you're not gonna believe what was on this chat room. Yeah. What was it? Let me say and people describing what's going on on the team, you know, at practice or what went on in the huddle. Or you know, what what the coaches are thinking. That it's so ludicrous. And and it is it is again, it's people's opinion. People making judgments. And. That's part of the this part of the fun of of coaching. It's part of the fun of watching sports as part of the fun of reading about sports. You get to have an opinion. But remember this all of you that are out there? You know, everybody has an opinion. Everybody has an opinion. Everybody's entitled to opinion. You're just not entitled to say that your opinion is the only one that matters. You're not entitled to say that your opinion. Is more important than someone else's? Or that because you're right. The other person has the worst opinion in the history of opinions. You just entitled to your opinion. Stupid. Is that opinion might be you're entitled to it? So anyway. Super bowl. Baseball fame. Lots of stuff going on. Patriots Rams everybody here. In New England's Gaga patriots. The standard by which all other pro pro football franchises are measured. And up eagles fan. And then living up here for the last thirty some years. I gotta tell you. It's never been done better. In your. I'm.

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