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Inviting you to call in with your questions at 808 590957. Again. That number is 808 590957. Dr calendar over the break, And since that we started the show. I've been fascinated by the fact that I feel that all patients out their potential patients, listeners are being dripped. They're not. They're still 600,000 people dying every year of heart attack except this year. Well, what's happening this year? They all died from Covid. Yes, well, covid whatever Covid took some of them, but there's still next year once we get back on track. We don't see any lessening of the numbers. We haven't seen lessening of the numbers, but the fact of the matter is The technology exists in this country. The ability to prevent heart attack and stroke all together permanently erase it Don doesn't exist anymore. And nobody is feeding this. Information into doctors and doctors are not doing the necessary tests. They're not doing the necessary tests and what Well, it's not fair patients are being gypped. What is the average patient? Do that's out there. They're relying on the God factor of their doctor, the cardiologist or endocrinologist, a specialist. They're bumping around in the In the medical industry, but basically they're just sitting and waiting until they get the disease. Right. And then you can do anything about it. You know? Funny. You should mention that because Someone called the station today to say Hey, I have an urgent called it after calendar and you know, we've called the person and their, um you know the regular listeners of the show. And they called us from the emergency room. And you know, so calling on behalf of their husband there in the hospital, there's some lung issues. And you know we're happy to help. But That's not prevention. That's reaction, right? Exactly. You know, All right. We'll see you when you get out of the hospital. Um, you know, we're a preventive practice where I'm not jumping in in the middle of a crisis. Unless you're already established patient. Frankly, we don't have crises in our patients, right? That's right. We're calming because you prevent heart attack and stroke. That's what your practice is all about. And and my patients can reach me and they come in, and we take care of them in the office and not in the emergency room. Right. So you know to call and go. Oh, I better call after calendar because we're in a crisis. It just doesn't make any sense, right? Exactly. I mean, that was kind of a big surprise. I got that notice as well. Like somebody's calling wjr to find out. How do they get a hold of colander right now? We're in a crisis, and sadly, there's nothing you can do about it when the patients in the hospital well, it's a It's recognizing that prevention is coming in when you're okay. So right and stop things from happening that wait for some, so you don't wind up. Oh, crap Now I didn't not not. What do we do it anyway? Chabon's gotta call. Yes, we actually have a caller from Florida and we have Linda on the line from Florida. Linda, What's your question? Actually, I don't have a question. I just I'm really enjoying the show and I just wanted to interject. That medicine reimburses more for procedures and for prevention, Um, you know, as a position if you perform procedures, you know you can spend less time and get more money. Then you're going to get sitting and talking to a patient about what they're eating. And what kind of exercise they're getting. And are they getting enough sleep and you know all of the other things that are extremely important with prevention. I mean, plus, you know, get it try to get a coronary calcium score that's not covered by insurance that gives you information that is really pertinent. So I just wanted to make that comment because I just love what you're talking about. And I hope enough people are getting a chance to hear this. Don't know where you're at in Florida. I've been called garden. You know me? Okay. Linda, our friend Linda. Oh, God. Linda. Jesus went down different. Wait a minute. On the air. Listen, Dr Linda, wait a minute. She's an MD specialist in her own right. Famous. Linda is an incredible doctor. My God. Totally fabulous. Incredible. Everybody should go to her if you're in Palm Beach. But you're absolutely right. No, I um and, um and you're you've got like a double specialty was made, which makes you even more special. So, But thanks for making those comments, But go ahead, doctor colonized. Thanks for calling doctor Doctor, and we'll hopefully see again soon. So you're absolutely right. Health prevention is not covered by insurance and the health care system is about identifying diseases. Because billing codes are attributed to diseases that you already have. There really aren't billing codes where preventive procedures that we do in the office or testing that we do. Can be applied to insurance. So that's why a lot of these things, although they're not very costly, are just not covered. Um, you The health care system right now is all about treating end stage disease. You know, your bones are broken, you know, will replace the joint. Your organs failing will give you a new one. You know you've had dementia. Let's make a drug that costs $50,000 a year after you have dementia, nothing about stopping you from having dementia. And Ann Marie, you mentioned it's not so much that technology is there. It's more about having the will to recognize that this is a broad approach that has to be taken. That it's not about. Well, I have a lung problem. I need a lung. Doctor. I have a sleep problem. I need a.

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