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When you don't have any real wants to think of you gotTa make them up. You won't find a wolves player because they would be out a week if they got sick. Wow Oh here's another one from Roisi. Just came in killebrew dislocated his left. Elbow severely ought to nine hundred and sixty five reaching into runner at first to take poorly throw didn't return until late. September yet. Playing both third base and first base was part of our game. Seven are seven-game. Wait for it loss. The dodgers first world series. We're not gonNA find one. I mean that's mythic. That's impressive but the whole thing. That makes it. Rich is and they still found a way to win right. That's the whole point of it. I mean people would have same thing if you go back to we did. The was it. The fiftieth anniversary of the Willis Reed trotting onto the court game seven. Nba Finals. Back in seventy one seventy nine hundred seventy and you know it would have been a hell of a story even if the Knicks had lost. Let's be honest. We wouldn't have fifty year celebrations are anniversaries discussed on it. If they lost the game but because they want it largely without him he didn't really do much the rest of the game but he's sort of set that tone. That's what changed everything for us. Joe Webb leading the Vikings to victory on whatever night it was that was that game that got postponed because of the The roof collapsed. No this was the one in Philly. Where was it still store? Yeah and then they changed the day Yup To a Tuesday night yup and I mean the ceiling. Email racial good point. He battled he the. He led the Vikings to victory even as he battled the common quarterback affliction of throwing the forward pass or having difficulty throwing forward. Pass the on sharp knives or sharp for the giant political..

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