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So you see one at NC state ninety eighty two the tar heels now six oh in the past six trips to rally they opened the game on a twelve will run, and they they never trail for even a second. So they're now twelve and three wins over Gonzaga and in sea state, and no sub thirty Kim palm losses on the resume. I know you pick you and see to win on Sundays podcasts. I know you weren't surprised still as pretty impressive right UNC. Now has that went over Gonzaga? And this big road win over sea state. That's big time to get this kind of win and won't resonate nationally as much you lock up to road wins in the league back to back. And you know, it's terrible. I think that just does little small things that are good for the resume overall in just feels good. If you're on that staff UNC fan. Hey, we open up the league with two road games. And we we won both of them. That's got to feel really good after coming off the Kentucky game three weeks ago. That was. Less-than-inspiring? So at this point. Yeah. It kind of Paris. I know Cam Johnson with down there. Some scare might be. You know, it's not going to be as bad as people thought because he was cramps and all that which is great seeks Cam Johnson. I'd say we haven't given them enough run on the on the pas yet this season. He has been I'll say this. He's been as good as advertise for what they wanted him to be when he transferred away from Pitt. And that's not always the case, particularly when you're looking at a player transferring from a power conference team to another power conference team in each season. There are I don't know five to ten guys seem just to get a little more run. Because of how productive they were in are expected once they transfer to be about that kind of player sometimes even more than that Cam Johnson. It would have been understandable. If he was not as good as he's been. But he has been that he's been very valuable this team. I know Kobe Weizman terrific. Luke maye was awesome. Again. He just continues to reconcile state. Cam Johnson spin just about as consistent as anyone else. I can't go on without mentioning how important he is. Why still think North Carolina's got shot at a final four because I got a guy like him. I think he really mixes it up well for NC state real quick perish. Not shame in the laws. It's it's got to be frustrating for fans in this regard. Joe Giglio who covers who covers the the wolf pack down there in North Carolina. He tweeted out he does sometimes these notepad graphs, which I actually love to to see throughout the season. He pointed out just how often UNC NC had faced each other. When both were ranked and and dating back to the mid seventies North Carolina has four or five win total. So whenever you're good as an NC state fan and you happen to face North Carolina. When frankly it's ranked almost every single time you play them more often than not you're not gonna get the win that includes on your home floor. So that's a little.

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