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Passed down for a month. Shumpert Jalen fronts and knocks it out across the baseline. Dusty, we're talking all start this Your biggest snub. I mean, I know Booker got in. Yep. Sabonis got in for Durant on the East. I think a guy we're going to see. Tomorrow is one of the biggest. Here's an inbounds in a corner jumper. No good for Chris chose a offensive rebound, and Bruce Brown got blocked down low by West Awan Do Brooklyn keeps it and a Robertson three from the left wing is good. 3.5 minutes to go. Alice 1 10, Brooklyn 95. I'm thinking, Chris Middleton of the Bucks Having a pretty good you have abused my biggest Who's your biggest number remaining? Well, I thought Tobias Harris possibly is. Trey Burke knocks down the three Tobias Harris in the East, You know, number one seed. His filly who They are going to maintain the number one seed since the next couldn't get it done here tonight. There's turnover for Brooklyn with three minutes to go, 1 13 95 nets and she goes Oh, with a near steal it stripped Bronson outta bounds. Dallas will keep Many thought Trey Young was snubbed. Brandon Ingram Fred Vanvleet list. Up in Toronto. I mean, look, you're always I've always been a big proponent of just 15 guys. Put 15 guys out there right now And then you can run 35 do Three centers. Six Forward six guards. Yep, That's it right there. He's got three. You could just make three teams of five and just throw him out there. 123 and then in the second half, you can mix match. There's an inbound I Luper toe Powell in the lane, able to flip it up and in the basket with three minutes to go. Back to a 20 point. Dallas lead. Kevin Winter chimed in as well. He had a good one. Bam out of bio from Miami. Yeah, tough with losing record and young Nelson..

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