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Okay. So this is yeah. This is not because, you know is very light compared to everything else that they've that they've done so far, even with movies the moves that they've done where kids are the central figure. But this is this is one where Kate keep using his, but like mini Scooby doo they're running through one hundred house. Yeah. Trying to solve the mystery on their own trying to take care of things. Almost like. Almost like a reverse home alone in a way where the spirits are already in the house, and they're trying to get the fuck out. And they won't let them an interesting. They have to kind of stick together. You know, it's more is definitely more adventurous, okay? So there's no seam with a long hallway where running out of doors back. Playing pop music. Nah. And, you know, and the reason why that's the case that these teenagers in this kid Judy. The reason why the so likable is because in the movie Anna Bill is really the team, the bad teenager because just like mini teen movies of all types, the parents leave, and of course, the teenagers are left behind. She. Let's part. And they throw party when they're not supposed to they start tearing up shit. You know, the teenagers here in the kid doing exactly what they're supposed to do. It's like, once Ed Lorraine leave Annabel one shit. Let's get this pop. So she's. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. All the all the items, they pulled out a care. They lose their fucking man. One big evil party. They start up. That's when things start getting crazy all because Annabel's doing it now. When you have this. The setup going on. You do have potential for a sort of like goosebumps level har-. Yeah. For teams you know, because what you have here is like all these items that are coming to life after Annabelle starts doing our thing, you know, all these items they all had the own backstory, and you thinking, wouldn't it be fun to see what kind of torment they're gonna brain, these kids and their own style? And especially when you consider how, how creative the, the, the, the, the spirits in the in the demons got man, because, you know like. One spirit like shit. I'm on a house. It'd be passe. This board game. Typewriter. Yeah. One thing I'm gonna hunt. This TV are hunting appliances in this and weird things that you just don't see that's been the allure of all these. The, the, the Warren's evil room is like this just, just common ordinary things that you wouldn't expect..

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