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Close all the kelly was in court again yesterday and a chicago. Based physician specializing in internal medicine appeared and testified that he had been treating r kelly since one thousand nine hundred for his name was chris mcgrath and he said that kelly knowingly infected women with herpes in violation of public health laws that require people who have an infectious venereal disease to notify their partners about that diagnosis. They said it's difficult to prove. Because it's not easy to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knew he was infected when the sexual intercourse took place. However testimony from a doctor who was treating. R kelly is damning. Evidence shows that as far back as two thousand seven are kelly knew he had an aerial disease. If it can be proven that he knew and that he continued to have sexual intercourse than the offense can be proven against him now. He also did not pay for his medical services at all he actually would give the physician and his wife free tickets to concerts an sometimes pay for them to travel to concerts around the country. It was You know maybe he felt like Cheats you. And i just went some tickets in some trips. You could do that if you so choose. And as we clary was one of his former girlfriends you saw her also on surviving r. Kelly is going to testify against him in his federal sex crimes case even though her family says there have been attempts to scare her away from going through it. According to her father he told tmz. Nobody's forcing his daughter to testify decision. Based on her belief there were. Kelly did saharan. Others is wrong and she wants to do it for the sake of justice and to show what a monster he truly is. Who is alive remember. There was a lot of things going on is that her stress level is really high. As she's preparing her car was set on fire last year and a mandate plead guilty in that case. If you guys recall when all of that happened. So she's of course scared about that and that's the only the first show. I'm surprised this has been documented. What do you mean like aired on. Tv ism yeah. They say that people aren't allowed in the courtroom except for everybody working in the jurors and alternates to all right now. Britney spears is under investigation for an alleged battery on one of her longtime housekeepers. There was an argument over her dogs and brittany and our camper saying the housekeeper is making it up and the case will go nowhere. Deputies were alerted to that incident. Monday at her house the housekeeper toe cap. She had taken one of her dogs to the vet claiming that there were issues with the treatment of the pet the housekeeper claims britney confronted her when she got back and they argued about the dog and then allegedly. She says britney slapped her phone out of her hands. Initially the housekeeper called deputies to the house but then went to file a report at the station so Brittany side saying this is untrue. Who's watching over brittany now. Nowadays a dad was watching over anymore. is anybody. i don't know who she lives with right now but she does have. Her camp around has housekeepers so and her man. All right larry. David said he was relieved to be cut from barack obama's birthday party yesterday he won't show up. I know that feeling. You really don't wanna go away like yes. Thank you for cast member. We talked about as big party. And martha's vineyard. He had to scale back the guest list and a lot of people. Were uninvited like david. Letterman stephen colbert conan. O'brien larry david was one of those people. He told the new york times that he was happy. He didn't show up. He said the reason was he had assumed that he was going to be asked to perform a comedy set at the party and he went into a tailspin trying to think of what routine could come up with in three days. Then he got the call and for me that he had been cut from the guest list. He said i was pretty glum when i finally called back his assistant when he told me i was eighty six on the party. I was so relieved ice cream. Thank you thank you. He must have thought. I was in saying then i hung up. The phone poured myself drink and finished. My coursework wanna show up anyway. I'll tell you one thing that you cut all in media personalities like stephen cockbain david letterman. Not a little books. Come out okay. We don't let y'all on our shows. Yeah but the thing is being cut like. Shouldn't you mean the list goes out. I'm cutting this person's personality called people the same way. They caught the literally call people and told them. Hey we're making cuts to the party. David jacob added on to the whole people talked about it Larry david's talking about it so we probably wouldn't necessarily have known by people are making jokes about it right. Amber rose has announced that the slept walk return in twenty twenty two so we all know yesterday we were talking about her break up and her ex alexander edwards him saying that he just couldn't be one woman and she accused him of being with at least twelve different women. Well she posted now. My agent just called me slut walk. Twenty twenty two is on at livenation bigger and better than ever. God is good all the time. So congratulations lob. Nations will automations masuma timing. She added them. So i assume that must mean they're down with it are right now. People are talking about. Alex rodriguez posing with this red porsche. That he gave to jaylo for her fiftieth birthday and he posted. I'm super down to earth and so People are saying that. They think that that posted he gave her back in twenty nineteen he took it back or maybe she gave it back and was like i don't want this anymore. Who knows but yes. She also deleted his pictures from our instagram. Feed and olive of that. But when you take a call back from a person who can afford to care about their low bought that car ten times over if she wanted to call it a little portion speaking. Lo could've been that. Sometimes you break up the money and you hear like here take these back. I don't need it like i just left it there. I don't even want. It wasn't even really that impressed when he got it. The first time. I mean all right. Well that is your room reports. Say what do you get the person who got everything thoughtful. All right well. We got from pieces next. We'll be talking about. Let's talk about forty nine year. Old floyd ray roseberry and he is a man who claimed to have a bomb near the us capital. He's from north. Carolina will give you more information. We'll talk about next. Is the breakfast club. Good morning breakfast club your mornings on never beata say alice. Dj mvp now franson samsung. Have something big bruin over there. And i think it has to do with the new samsung galaxy. They keep saying all you ready for this life not sure what. It means become august eleventh. We're all gonna find out. Learn more simpson dot com slash reserve morning. Everybody is tj envy shall mean the guy. We oughta breakfast club around. Let's kim front page news from where we start well. Let's with authorities investigating what led forty nine year old. Floyd ray roseberry drive onto the sidewalk outside the library of congress and he was making bomb threats to officers. He was having all kinds of anti government grievances. He also livestream for our facebook audience. During this time now his page has since been taken down. A lot of the video has been taken off line. But here's some of his threat hurting. Nobody john i'm not pulling the trigger on the sign i can't there's my wife to blow us up. Only you can buy shooting a bullet through my win. I love this land sheet. Still and a half blocks going would revolutions on. I'm looking for almo the patriots to come out and hit them. We cut off health care. I can't even get down shots from back. No more but the other given them superstar athletes once again the name. Now what are we giving this guy energy for who this was just had. I don't know if you saw happening yesterday but there was. This man was claiming to have a bomb near the us. Capital was like a five hour negotiation standoff with the police watering shooting and and he was live streaming. Well he was saying he had a bomb. So you didn't want to detonate a bomb inside of the truck so if you would've shot at the car it could have possibly detonated whatever bomb. He said he was one of them. Snipers ain't going to build shadow. Mary between is honest. I do how did he was taken into custody without incident and they said they did not find an explosive device in his truck but they did find possible bomb-making cereals.

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