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Left the labor force, potentially setting back their careers beyond the current crisis. I'm making McCarty Carino from marketplace. One more thing on the actual jobs data adhering to the policy of this program that if we stop talking about this stuff, we're gonna stop talking about it. White unemployment 6% last month black unemployment 9.9%. Virus. As I believe I've said a time or two on this show and his, Neela said about three minutes ago is in charge of this economy right now. So who gets the vaccine for it? And when is gonna have a lot to do with how this economy goes among the slices of this economy that lost the most jobs last month? Restaurants and travel and leisure. So it's of note that in Washington, D. C next month, restaurant workers move up in the vaccine line marketplaces Jasmine Garza has that one. Listen, Layne bartenders at several different places in Washington, D C, she says. Even with the pandemic, raging patrons waiting for food and drink, recited that it was okay to take off your mask. If you're sitting down at this table, it's like OK, so the virus stops if you're sitting down, which puts servers like her at risk many times a day, she says. Vaccinating restaurant workers. It definitely is an acknowledgment that restaurant workers are important and we are often exposed to disease without any health insurance and vaccines won't just protect the health of workers. They could be key to rebuilding the health of the restaurant industry. More than 100,000 restaurants have closed temporarily or for good since the pandemic began. Hundreds of thousands of restaurant workers have lost their jobs and millions of people have stopped eating out. William Wheaton is an economist at M. I T. He says. Good at the restaurant industry. It is really hard for city destroyed. That's that's you know, Half the reason people live in cities, Saeko CV heads up Restaurant Opportunities centers, United and advocacy group, he says. The health of people handling our food is critical to combat in the pandemic. We have always considered Restaurant workers. You know, health care as a public health issue, so the DC audience is something that is a very exciting news for us. CB says he hopes other cities and states will follow DC's lead. I'm Jasmine Garza for marketplace. Coming up. It's turned from one need to another need. And so I don't see. I don't think bartering will ever go out. Get by in this pandemic economy, but first Just do the numbers down. Industrials Up 56 today 1/10 Percent 31,000 and 97, the NASDAQ added. 134 points 1% 13,002 01 It should be. 500 found. 20 points about a half percent 38 24 for the five days going by. Remember, we talked about disconnects on this program yesterday, The Dow up 1.6%, the NASDAQ ascended 2.4%, the S and P. 500 Rose 1.8% Visor says it's Coben vaccine appears to be effective. Against new variants of the virus, not peer. Reviewed, though Fizer up 2/10 percent German partner beyond Tech or by on tech, The CEO says you can say it either way back down more than 7%. You're listening. The marketplace marketplace is supported by G E P. Helping build resilience supply chains with strategy, Manage services and AI based Cloud native software.

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