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The game, Thursday next week we're all headed down. As a show give us the best well moment, ultimate, well moment David. Let's. Move fast David? What's the ultimate well moment when I the first pitch at. Affiliating, June twenty fifth two thousand fifteen cent jeans picture on looking at the. Picture right now Phillies? Game that's pretty well done Billy tea well moment when he. Got, the greatest athletes of all time a feat that will never be repeated Minutes secretary Seventy-three secretary would it be Would, it. Be justified by fourteen all right Billy and that. Is well moment Brian in Tom's river well moment what. He got guys The one that will probably never happen again that's? Back to, March. Two thousand one Randy Johnson hit a furball Federick. Oh who did what Randy Johnson And you're not kidding that was. Something I Zack a well-known what. He, got for a well-known Zack When the hammer came. Back from the astounding deficit to win are you smarter than the six hundred Pretty good Zach Certainly a wow moment. That really was it really? Was I divine what? Do you got well. Moment Wild? Moment miracle the Meadowlands? Number two Down twenty one with seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter and they still came back in the white Shawn's punt. Return the Vic thing the. Whole game it has, been said before. So if it went he won't win. Caller. Earlier would. Win Eddie in Kensington Eddie well moment Never been more proud to be a Phillies fan Larry Boase peaking his, head. Out of, the dugout crying and somebody's running around the upper seven hundred level in the veteran stadium with an American flag the first game back after nine eleven all right you got it Eddie. And Larry Bowa listen tiers of course before that game and Tom, and garnet valley, Tom well moment Serge's home. Run against the dodgers in eighty three when, he taught smack back CVA ker, I'd say SARS and I were talking. About that like three weeks ago down at the game we were talking that was unbe if you've never seen that video find the video Gary Matthews homerun eighty three and as soon as he hits it lake as. Soon as he has it. He turns around and, talk some smack an amazing.

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