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Choice in her today at w t o p dot com Search free lunch. It's 12 28 traffic and weather on the eights. Rita Kessler in the traffic center delays sticking around on I 70 eastbound China head into and through Frederic. It is after alternate 40 making your way toward to 70 the accident activity taking the left lane. At times they've had to temporarily stopped traffic, but you should be getting back to the right right now. If you're continuing on to South bound to 70, That's actually a good trip coming from I 70 all the way to the lane Divide, no matter which side of the Beltway you're trying to get on westbound 15. Rob Boulevard that had been the scene of an earlier vehicle. Fire response should be cleared. North bound 1 24 Hour Quince Orchard Road near Booth Street. It was a single right lane getting by the crash and 301 getting across the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge Watch for delays. Traffic continues to alternate across the bridge due to the work zone in the district eastbound betting road After Oklahoma Avenue in Northeast a single lane was getting by the crash North bound in the third Street Tunnel, Seeing delays getting onto New York Avenue on New York Avenue between First Street in the Third Street Tunnel. That's the Scene of the long term work zone, South Bound D. C. Tu 95, heavy from burrows toward bending with nothing reported in the roadway, while in Virginia on 66 East and westbound in pretty good shape. Westbound did have a work seven after the Beltway along the left side. We're still seeing some delays along Route seven year Chili Hollow Road in Berryville Watch for any accident activity left there. We also had the crash on 15 year, Patrick Henry Drive North bound suddenly Road or 2 30 for business at 66 Watch for the crash, and he's bound Duke Street between Van Dorn in North Picket Street. Single left Lane was getting by the work. BMC Software and D lt Solutions are here to help federal agencies get the solutions they need with discounted your end offerings. Visit www dot d lt dot com backslash backslash BMC Solutions to Learn more I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P. Traffic Storm Team four's Lauren Rickets can feel the humidity creep in today, but also feel raindrops passing through passing showers possible just about any time through the day with a little bit of drizzle lots of clouds..

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