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Taken on the cards inside on the field. We're joined now Ben Lieber, Ben how you doing this morning buddy, very excited about bikes karts today. I'm doing better than you. You're stuck out in the snow. Yeah. It is. It's been a little snow globe here for US Bank stadium outside. It's picturesque. Its picturesque in December. But not knocked over. Early october. Yeah, it's been really kind of a rough the altogether, but people are weathering the storm there Kevin inside US Bank stadium very excited today. One thing that the Vikings have been pretty good about the founding running backs. Vikings ranked thirteenth in the NFL rushing yards per game. But their twenty fifth in the NFL in the passing game bed. Give it up forty four yards or more to receiving yards to up to four running backs. So far this year with David Johnson coming in? He might be one of the best guys would that run slash pass. He he really hasn't. He's really the linchpin to this Arizona offense. They have to get him going in the running game. You have to do a good job of stopping the vertical run inside. I enforce him to bounce outside. I don't personally believe that David Johnson has the speed to beat our defense on the edges, but he can really do some damage when he gets downhill one guy miss then bounces it to the outside. That's when you can pick up some big yard. That's one thing. I'll be watching for today is just how how effectively our defense can make him bounce outside. And then the second thing is they've had a lot of issues with wide receiver outside of Christian Kirk as far as the big play. A lot of receivers dropped when football's no rhythm with with Josh Rosen. And so they're using him more out of the backfield. And so you know, he may end up having a hundred yards total offense. But it's going to be a combination of both run into the past. Man, you are one of the nicest guys I've ever met from the NFL, and you're well respected all the way around. Everybody. Always has great things to say about you. There's another guy that's like that. Larry FitzGerald, thirty five years old could be the last game that he plays here in Minnesota. The guy has one hundred ten career touchdowns doesn't have one yet this season, but Larry FitzGerald junior and.

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