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W I s n joked a few hours ago. Would there be more replacements? In the Packer lying game. More backups at Lambeau Field. Then not just in radio this week. But around the city around the country never in a million years. They think there'd be two way players. Doodoo last-second scheduling Vicky unable to be here today. My name is Dave Michaels in for. Vicki McKenna on news talk seven thirty w I s N and I'm happy to do. So as a longtime fan of Vicky. This is something pretty special for me. Because I remember the days where Vicky was a morning show host on a station in Madison. The market was the market Vicky show. I had been listening to Vicki for many many years and she's opening in up front about her age on the air. So I don't feel as if I'm I'm stepping on toes that I shouldn't be doing. So so to have the opportunity to spend some time with Vicki's audiences. A is a treat to say the least so a couple of things to bring you up to speed on. As you heard a few minutes ago. One of the biggest days of the year is when Mr. Mark Belling does his annual year end current events quiz as a longtime listener like yourself of news talk eleven thirty WINS n. It was something that I greatly look forward to. I think the record amount of correct answers in a role that I got was four. I should explain for those who are unaware. At the end of each year. Mark Belling, puts together a very very well done end of year quiz that has a lot to do with current events. But it's also just general knowledge as well. If you're up to speed on the happenings in the city of Milwaukee. The state of Wisconsin. The country in the world. Plus, you just a person that would be labeled as the king of useless knowledge. This will pay off for you. If you remember the old game who wants to be a millionaire. I know Regis Philbin. Did it when it first came on the air gosh has been maybe fifteen twenty years ago. Now, maybe it's in syndication member Meredith Vieira, the former co host of the view was. Doing that show as well. But there was a portion of that show called phone a friend, and you would always choose someone who just knew a bunch of useless stuff. If that is you you wanna be listening tomorrow afternoon tomorrow afternoon, December twenty seven at three o'clock. Mark Belling will do his annual urine current events quiz where literally thousands of dollars with the prices will be up for grabs. And it really is entertaining radio. He not to not to to butter up too much. But it's it's very well done. It's very entertaining. It's a nice look back at the year that was. In yours passers things that get brought up tonight, even forgotten head actually happened in wherever you're that was so it's it's very entertaining to say, the least, and if you so choose to take part like I said, it could die could pay off very well for you. Because there's quite a bit of prizes. Their upper grabs in the annual current events quiz. Couple of things I want to start the program off on this afternoon. Knowing full well that being the week that this is the week between Christmas and new years. So many of us are just mentally checked out. In that just politically it's just the end of the year. You try to turn off your Email? If you're fortunate enough to to be off of work, you try to not have your phone as handy, you just try to spend some time with family and friends and just do whatever hobby or whatever. Whatever makes you happy to recharge your batteries to take some time off to look forward to the next year. And. Our job as talk show host is to do what we can to reflect your mindset. Good better. Otherwise. If this was the day after the Packers got their rear, ends kicked. Whatever team. It may be. I better do it. I can't to reflect that mood, especially if is a Packer fan are feeling the same thing you are. So for Mita crack a microphone here at two fifteen in the afternoon as you're doing whatever you're doing, and I just start real and on Michael Cohen or finding the latest. Controversy that Tony Iverson stepping into as he gets ready to take over as governor of Wisconsin here in early twenty nineteen that stuff's important. No one denies that. But I can't in good conscious. Just focus on that. That doesn't minimize it. It doesn't say that. It's not going to affect us more than anything else that is discussed here over the course of the next forty four minutes, but you have to have perspective. Time magazine. Nice enough to produce the show you watch television. Whether it's current shows or or anything on Netflix, Amazon prime. What are you watching right now? I don't watch too much television. Actually, I watch sports your sports fan. Can't disagree. That's want. No matter what kind of show you watch. Whatever your favorite show is currently or of all time. Even if it was a drama ER for conversation say they had to have those moments of levity because the watch every was on Thursday nights on NBC, unless they nine o'clock our time one hour every Thursday night just to be beat over the head hour after hour week after week of all just the drama that's happening in that ER wasn't in Chicago. I think the show took place in Chicago fictionally. You would just go crazy. You need to have those moments of. Okay. I I can't be as engulfed in this. As I am need. Just a moment to laugh a character that brings a smile to my face or. Was the same Ross Dr Ross George Clooney, and he was with Juliana Margulis. I can't think of whatever character was at the time. They were the lovebirds. We'll give you that moment. The other relationship is up and down. But just a moment to okay, I can I can take a breath here over forty four minutes. That's what we do here. That's what we do this week have moments of levity, and what has been a. The word epic. I think is used too often. I don't think that's the case to describe twenty eighteen you would have thought that would be the word to describe twenty sixteen with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, and it will be accurate. I mean my goodness. Was there? A beer upset in American politics and the last one hundred years than Donald Trump winning the presidency. Now, I don't mean from a number standpoint from a profitability standpoint hours before election day, just the fact that. Businessman reality star would ascend to the presidency. Politically speaking that will be described as epic epic. But when you look back at twenty eighteen as we as we wind down another year epic would be the word to describe what's happened in this country over the course of the last twelve months. And that's something time permitting. I'm going to get into here towards the towards the end of the program. But as I mentioned a few minutes ago, I need to have a moment or two of levity am doing this for my benefit as much as I am for the audience right now because coming off a long weekend, where to be honest, there were days I woke up, and I did not know what day it was. It had nothing to do with libation had the night before trust me when I say that I woke up Sunday morning in. I literally thought I slept through my alarm. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Wait a minute. It's sunday. What do I have to do? Nothing. I can sleep for an extra twenty minutes. Hurry. That's what longtime long periods of time off will do to you. So over the course of the last couple of days, I have had a chance to reflect a little bit on Christmas and the Christmas season. And for those of you who are listening earlier this morning when I chance to fill in Dan O'Donnell's program. I talked a little bit about Christmas day in the birth of Jesus and how the lack of faith not necessarily just religious faith, but faith in humanity faith in the Packers to make the right decision on who the next head. Coach will be faith is such a strong term. That's what was discussed earlier today. But there's other portions the parts of Christmas that just being out and about in the community. They got me thinking. And it got me thinking you the audience might be sharing the exact same thoughts. I have as well. Candy cane lane. Miller. No, it's a four block stretch in the city of west Dallas. Goes from I'll say ninety six th street to ninety second street. And the homes in and around candy cane lane. Decorate during the Christmas season. And when I say decorate, in some cases, we're talking Clark w griswald ten million twinkle lights. And in some cases. No, one participates to be quite honest with you. And that's that's fine. I don't know what the rules are to to own a home in around candy cane lane. But if you've never been I would say on that. I'm fairly certain. It's a four block stretch. And I'll say twenty percent of the homes, really go all out. I mean, we're talking inflatables were talking Strobe lights were talking Hubble telescope can see from the stars. I would say another twenty percent of the homes just don't participate. They just don't put any lights up at all. And sixty percent of the homes do something in that just a wreath with a couple of lights. We're talking they do put up decor. So seventy five to eighty percent of the homes do participate in candy cane lane. And I took my kids there. My wife, and I took our kids on Saturday night. It's a tradition that we've been doing for for many years. And so while I have not been going to candy cane lane as long as they've been around and the exact date escapes me if I'm wrong. I'm sure the audience will correct me I wanna see candy cane lane has been in existence for thirty years thirty five years again. That's just a ballpark. I could look it up. But quite frankly, the computer's not on because I ran in studio when I found out that you wouldn't be able to make it to the show today. But the last four years five years I've been going to candy cane lane. And as I do this. I've noticed three different things three observations and taking part in what really is one of the great Christmas time traditions in and around the Milwaukee area. It's what makes us us summer fest in the summer candy cane lane in the winter. In the three observations on.

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