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Nate and Scotty be the stars of the show, but also Daniel's mom and my husband Alex make sure you listen to the fifteen minute morning. Show podcast. We'll have it up a little bit Hey Danielle. Let's do another Daniel Report. What are you going on? All right, so follow along with this one, so Cardi B. Remember wanted to start a gofundme me for tiger. King Joe Exotic Right, so all of a sudden the go fund me pops up and then it gets taken down because he's in jail and you can't started. Go Fund me for somebody WHO's in jail. They don't want you doing that, so then. She finds out that this. Go Fund me is there and she's like well. Wait a minute. I was just kidding. That's not me. Somebody else started that will. There's somebody apparently showed her video of Joe Exotic, getting upset that he's not allowed to use the N. Word when other people are allowed to and then. Then, apparently, Cardi, said fro his ass in jail. So that's going on right now. Get a little crazy getting a little crazy, so andy! Cohen is a story of hope from the corona virus. You know that he was diagnosed with it, and he had to stay away from his thirteen month old son while he just got reunited with his son. He's been cleared. He's feeling a lot. Better is good and they had been reunited yesterday, so it's awesome and I love that Millie Bobby Brown. Where did she learned her American accent from well, she was on Miley Cyrus pod cap. Guests instagram. Ma Series the other day and she said she learned from Hannah Montana. Really. Pretty interesting. That's where a Ghandi learn how to speak English to. discuss. Whitley. Speaking..

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