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No i love these films i love almost all these bergman films but i just decided there's not a single test to turn sweden traumatized you know in your make up one final bit of setup here a great scene the gets at something you talked about when we were reviewing a quiet place that's a film that you said yes relative to a lot of other films it's a quiet movie but to say it's quiet is a little bit misleading because there are a lot of jump scares there are a lot of loud noises in the score is pretty prominent something like the miller's crossing danny boy seen that we talked about during our real dialogue road dialogue the danny boy music obviously machine our cities you got so much noise there but it is a scene that's dialogue free so probably eligible for lists like this and i certainly did consider it but didn't actually include it so with all that said we're going to jump in your number five quiet scene okay north by northwest i'm starting very famous okay the crop duster scene this is the scene we're cary grant has been told to meet his you know this mysterious operative george kaplan who he's been mistaken for out somewhere two and a half hours outside chicago in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere in indiana of course it's actually near fresno california but so be it so this scene which is really epic in length because it's like seven eight minutes has very little dialogue and has no music by bernard hermann whose music you tend to notice when it's there it doesn't have any music from him until the very end of the scene when the plane actually crashes into the oil truck but for most of that picture it's a fascinating contrast to the entire rest of the story in the swirl of improbable craziness that hitchcock and hers lehman the screenwriter of cooking force and i just love the way it does things visually that really bring out the lack of conventional sound and music and that have my favorite shot and that whole crop duster scene before the plane actually osa is cary grant on one side of highway forty one and malcolm attleboro playing you know this this farmer with five lines.

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