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He caught eighty five passes. He was targeted one hundred six times. That means the Steelers were intending to give him the football four hundred and twenty seven times. And he ended up getting it four hundred and six times he was a second leading receiver on a Pittsburgh Steelers. What is love EON bell saying I deserve my money, and I don't deserve to be treated like just a running back. I pass catch out of the backfield. I'm a primary target for us the injustice the doing the running backs eight fair. Y'all give us the ball all day every day, you run us into the ground. And then you throw us out like yesterday's trash the second birth certificate touches thirty. So I'm not going for that. I spoke to Levy on bell months ago. I would know this. He specifically said it ain't just about me, Steven A. It's about all running backs. That's what he said. And he meant it and he's not playing and it's not just about dollars. It's about principle with him. I understand. And I agree with him. Especially when I watch Adrian Peterson perform and he's thirty five years. Oh, why are we writing off at age thirty like they do not play this because there are running back. It. Ain't right. I got it. The problem is. Levian bell has mishandled this entire situation. I am a person that was totally against those offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ramon forced to and others. I thought they flat out, but trade him. I'm not saying because of how they feel I'm saying because of their willingness to express what they expressed publicly. I thought that was a travesty and that they should be ashamed of themselves to doing what they did. Without question. And I stand by that. And it's important that everybody understands that. Here's the flipside. That didn't excuse levian bell. For sending Instagram photos or footage is or whatever it was a him jet skiing and south beach while Steelers struggling. At he was happy about it. That didn't excuse Levy on bell for sending out cryptic tweets periodically remind everybody that he was still around. He was still available knowing good and Dan. Well. That was going to rub some of his teammates to wrong way who warrant the ones the providence of his money. And I must say this loud and clear. When my Tomlin of all people says in an interview, we want volunteer's, not hostages. It doesn't get more indicting than that. And the is a possibility is great as levian bell is and as much as we imagine that he will get his money because his talent warrants getting his money. We must concede. That it is entirely possible, and it is entirely plausible..

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