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This is before we moved into our new home I got rid of a ton of NASCAR paraphernalia you know those of those metal cars but I could still get a couple of Tony Stewart a NASCAR Pontiac the number twenty vehicles a bag with a sense is actually kind of going through all these different kinds of things in Dudley council's got L. I. I have I think is a nineteen ninety six play by play I did the of the estate tournament between eastern import Thomas highlands window for Thomas highlands Easter one of the the chairmanship that your pajamas highlands Hey Derek Smith and Jared Lorenzen on those teams to speak up but since we bought a couple can check yes we do want to give our thoughts and prayers to the the family of Karl Anthony towns who lost his mom just a devastating in that guy the Carl is what is headed to his dad tested positive to so many that's exactly right it's not out of the woods on this yet yeah coral is one of the most interesting young man I've ever heard as a collegian you know in talking very well you know well read I mean just a really really upright guide it's like he he's he's really really an interesting person and always enjoyed a interviews I remember bad Jones had an interview with the as he had left Kentucky I guess already yeah I think he's had called a couple times but just a really really interesting person overall and I'm sorry to hear that he lost his mother who by all indications was really great to Tom leach voice the cats heather a nice a tweet about this town's a yesterday and how much fun she was and how she can live up to room if you like see where Karl Anthony really kind of got part of his personality that way so it's it's Carly still with Minnesota he is there's talk that that that he may be traded or is looking to get out I'm not quite sure you know what he wants to do I guess that's all in limbo now so it's gorgeous hi Bridget because I've been watching the NBA but to start out to watch the games then of course you know that now nobody's watching anything what exactly changed still with Minnesota to Gorky get traded I think so on I can I can look it up but I don't know I've I've lost track of all the roster movements the only one who I could turn a certainty where they're at is Donovan Mitchell yeah just because he ended up getting the virus from his teammate Gorky's with the Memphis right now yes with that he's got a pretty good place to be yeah that bad and it looks like Donovan is still very upset with the Mister go bears yoke joke where whatever would you be absolutely so with that I mean I'm not arguing with you no I'm just sad I mean it's there there's a lot a lot in America would be mad if they get you off your coworker was it not like he was young but tried to take out an entire NBA team well still stupid I mean but you know if we go back when he did that stupid stuff there were a lot of people have felt the same way he did us just like the flu or whatever and now we know a lot of people don't know I've got a guy that's trying to get done a big Twitter argument with me on on this of virus in yeah I don't feed the trolls Tony don't I mean I don't always I mean I'm like I don't know what you call a call this a fine lady it in Indiana the health secretary I'll just color for now our doctor Christina box would be our eye health commissioners say that the corona viruses already killed almost three times or two times as many people there is the fluted this past drives Indiana's totals three hundred and fifty so I don't know what the flu numbers are I think her words were one hundred and fifty you know so all these people because it's no different in the flu you guys are being alarmist bubble bubble out well you know ask the people at the all of these different elder care facilities it is said that alarming thank you well you know what though if you go back and look these are the same people who will try to tell you that nine eleven was an inside job and that they were the shooter on the grassy knoll you don't I found the best way to to get away from the trolls like look at impact had a conversation with somebody yesterday was talking about how they got together with a few people that have used the very anti this this social distancing thing and they got together had beers with a few people I didn't argue with them but I didn't discuss it in detail everybody everybody's different we all have different opinions will have different ways of going about this and I learned a long time ago in this business but when I have my own show look I respect your opinion if I don't agree with that I'm just gonna close the mouth and and move on in you know it's just I respect them because they're different don't agree with them but I respect a lot look if you want to be somebody who wants to be a knob and not follow the social distancing guidelines that's fine more power to you I just don't want anything to do with you for about the next eight months while this works its way out.

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