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You know, Maria Theresa, you you actually provided a good segue way of Ah, graphic. I wanted to put up for everybody here. This issue of whose hopeful and whose fearful this was fascinating and pew your feelings on the state of the country, and they asked the general question. Are you fearful or you are you hopeful? What was interesting is while a majority of the country said they're fearful Biden supporters, Hallie Jackson were more likely to be fearful 79% of Biden supporters called themselves fearful Trump supporters call themselves hopeful 64%. I will say this fear motivate the Trump supporters were more fearful four years ago, and that worked. And you're starting to see that and I'm struck by something that Senator Cruz said chef that he's been talking about. Which is this idea that if fear does motivate, it's an acknowledgement from the senator that Democrats would likely do better, and it's because of those poll numbers that you're talking about Chuck. So you're seeing Republicans trying to take that and spin it as Democrats are the ones painting this sort of dark, dystopian message to try to motivate Peter people to come out to the polls. You know, in reality, some of the language and rhetoric that we've heard from President Trump. What he's been running on so far has been this message of law and order, which his supporters appreciate. Critics say, Listen, you're talking about trying to scare for example, suburban women and some of these key voting constituencies with the language that you're using, and with the picture that you're painting, so I do think that is something that is going to be critical over the next couple of weeks. And I will say this the political, the political landscape. If it is a fearful landscape, we know that that usually is a greater motivator on pause the conversation there when we come back. How likely is it that we will have a.

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