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Forever that have had you hear about my side up and down. Oh <music> around lives in venture baby dreams ruben love left on through it all <music> through a standing here we u <hes> <hes> no place that i call home. It's not a house. It's not down our city sipple as where when we are alone. Oh aw you can be across the room in a crowd. I catch your eye. I know you see the same things that i mm see. Even when we disagree still at condon's listed weekend no is fine no way travel to you threw it all seen us through sitting here. We do <hes> not place that i call home. It's not the house. It's not a down our sipilae square point. We are alone <music> mm-hmm breath <music> uh-huh. They had a chance to do it all again what what j. because visit my change the stories and place that i call home and it's not a house. It's bad down our city place where when we are alone. Oh ooh <music> <music>.

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