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And i'm going to butcher this. But people can look this. Up is the guy who created a cure to like opioid epidemic for people that are heroin addicts that like the needles. Now that are to be made once you inject it. It goes inside and breaks. You can't use it again. So that lessens the spread of hiv aids and also helps end the opioid epidemic of people. Keep using these needles right. So he created this this needle that like once you use it. You can't use it again. And so he went and got it patented and this big pharmaceutical company went to him and was like oh my god. We wanna help you. We want to help end. The opioid epidemic. We wanna buy your patent we're gonna distribute it worldwide. And he was a user himself so he ended up getting coming clean. And you know this was a way that he like helped get over. It was bouza scientists as well and so he thought like oh my god. I'm doing such a good thing. They're going to buy it. And then they're gonna distribute it. They bought the patent from him and destroyed it and then he killed himself. He overdosed zoo. Killer himself because like they don't want you to get better. I mean then. I say this because i'm gonna anti-depressant been on it since i was sixteen. Okay i started when i first got put on it. I was put on it. Because i was cutting and i was really depressed when i was younger. And so they put me on. This antidepressant called effect sir. xlr k. i started taking it. I didn't really notice anything and then like slowly. I noticed that like less depressed. I wasn't as anxious that kind of thing. But i didn't really realize like what it was doing to my brain fast forward a couple years later i was like you know i want to try to get off of it. I wanna see how. I am now. Because i'm happy. I felt like. I wasn't happy. Because i was where i was in my life and the situation may environment so it was like i wanted to get off of it so it was like i. Scrap put on at sixteen at like twenty six. I try slowly weaned myself off of it. I was with worked with my psychiatrist. I took I did what was called a prozac bridge because this is one of the hardest antidepressants. Get off of basically your brain starts like zapping itself and then you get really dizzy. Throw up like all this stuff. It's like a. I've had friends that. Ron heroine that that were on also affects her and they said affects her. Withdrawal was worse than heroin Some weaning myself down. I'm using ten milligrams. Approach pose with it as i take the beads out to help balance so that my brain doesn't like you know. Get all weird. Because your brains used to receiving the serotonin right so finally after a year. Weaning down. I took a tire year to wind down. I got off of it right completely. Then i stopped taking the prozac within a week and then a week later is when i told you i couldn't walk straight. I couldn't leave my house. I was shaking all the time. And before i was on the antidepressant i wasn't shaking all the time. I had panic attacks. Like maybe like once or twice a month. But i wasn't having them everyday. I was having like fifteen panic attacks a day. No matter what. I ate when i drank when i moved. I was shaking a leaf and i call my doctor and i was like what is going on. He's like we'll give it two weeks. See what happens right two weeks later. Same thing. I was taking drill lake by the bucket loads just to calm my nerves because my fighter flight was so intense and i couldn't leave my house i didn't wanna i couldn't function and i was not like that before i got on and so i did an entire year off of this drug. Okay hoping that my brain would heal itself. You taking nothing just benadryl. For games learn to create its serotonin. Again it never got better. And i ended up like i said so. That was when i was doing my vines. And then i ended up becoming successful and vine and i had i had to go meet two meetings and meet people into shows and things like that. I was throwing up and like so. My anxiety was so bad. And i was never that way before you know. I went to school for years before without throwing up. And so i gave in and got back on and guess what the two weeks being back on it. Your phone make these drugs so that your stock. You know what i mean. They don't make them because they want you to be better forever. They want you to be better but also stock so there warm formulated so that it doesn't cure you. The you need it have to pay for it forever. Keep put money in big farmers pocket. What what would it be worth if you got better. If you didn't have to take that drug your whole life. You know. And i and i buy brand. So because for some reason the generic for me isn't as good it makes me sick brand is four hundred dollars a month because insurance doesn't cover it so getting that for me every month. What what would they do for the rest of their lives. that's all they care about. It's so corrupt it's crazy. They don't care about helmet healing you. You be like my grandma like. She suffers from dementia. She was it was just the start of it like we took her to the doctors and stuff and she had to start getting a like a lot. Different medications for and the medications have drastically like aged or age. Her like her dementia like she's literally was perfectly fine up Like like two months ago and are we see her like we have my mom. My uncle my sister her sister so we all do a month and take care of my grandma so we won't see her for like two months because she's with other family and then we see her and she looks like five years older like a hundred times worse than she was one of the medicines that she takes her super drowsy or she doesn't ball yet if she doesn't take this medicine and she has to take this one in the. It's just like it's killing her. Thanks shooting better not taking any. Yeah so they diagnosed her with dimension then put on the ads in jefferson now. She's getting worse. she wasn't even that bad. Yeah they the moment she got on. It went straight down his crazy. I just don't you know and it's really sad to me because all like you said it comes down to greed. And i don't know how those people sleep at night. I don't i really don't i mean the in their cushy mansions and you know they're so wealthy the people that are behind all the pharmaceuticals through some of the wealthiest people in the world. But they like they keep be sick. And i don't even know what has to happen for like it almost needs. We need like a modern day. Paul revere to come out. And you know and stop these big pharma's in all that you know. Because i i don't know what it's going to have to happen formulating drugs. That hurt people like everybody is banned in canada. It's banned in a lot of other countries because of what it does to you. You get stuck on it. And eventually i'm scared. They're going to ban it in the us. And then what. Am i going to go through the gnarliest withdrawal by life and never be normal again oxycontin with that had gift giving it to everyone for basically free in the beginning and then they slowly just stop the now. People were trying to get paid for it and that help drug addicts became the opioid epidemic insane. I mean it's all insane to be honest like it's like you know it's crazy just the the way the world is all you can do is just be careful like i tell all my listeners. People who are depressed and there haven't ever been on an antidepressant. I'm like do everything. Try everything you can before you get on one and then like the gentle ones are prozac and like alexa pro. Like those are the probably the most gentle ones.

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