Arizona, FAA, Lear discussed on Charlotte at Six


That it was going quite quickly but but they had no clue what it was now was only these two pilots they were the only ones in this area of the sector above arizona so there was nobody else chime in with what they saw but air traffic control saying that they didn't know what it was they couldn't get any contact out of this the ufo and that's what was not identified flying object doesn't mean aliens were in control but nobody knows what it was and at this point it's a mystery the military obviously is not saying anything no the military isn't saying anything although if it had been a military aircraft one would think if they knew that they were going to be commercial planes in the area that the faa would have likely known because they would have had to keep the the planes away from that object or whatever it was that the military was testing but it appears the faa had no clue what was going on and it didn't show up on radar which is kind of interesting did not apparently show up on radar was not in communication with the the faa and this happens from time to time we don't know if it was something out of this world or something very terrestrial but these pilots one of them being from american airlines and american airlines isn't saying anything either they say talk to the faa that there are pilots along with the lear jet pilot they definitely saw this and then they all radioed in that that something was right above them they were in the the thirtyseven thousand foot range and they think that this item was at about about forty thousand feet somewhere around there fairly close to an airliner that said that at altitude and of course through the years we've had this before where pilots would go.

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