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Welcome back voiced by listeners. I know that many of you loved my interview last week with Adam char about the Bixby launch. It was an exclusive. He went deep on the background with Siri, and with vivid to Bixby and actually revealed something most people didn't know that this whole journey of his started twenty five years ago. So if you didn't listen to the interview, I definitely recommend it because it's it's important around the Bixby story, but you know, what it's important about the evolution of voices systems. And so for me, it was a rare treat to get so much time with him right after they'd launched this product on the floor of the Samsung developer conference in San Francisco while I was there. I also got the chance to speak with a number of developers who've already worked on the Bixby platform and some of those voters have also worked on Alexa, and Google assistant. So they're able to provide contrast as well as some insight around Bixby itself, which was really unique opportunity this early in the development process, and I think something that a lot of people wanna know. Okay. So Bixby is different. It's interesting. How's it different? Because most people already have a frame of reference. So that's what we saw it to do. So our three guests are all working around Bixby, one of them, even the eventual winner of the ten thousand dollar prize for the Bixby capsule challenge that was Roger kitty. But I I we're gonna have Joe Murphy. He's the founder and CEO vocalized dot AI. They conduct performance testing of voice, assistance, and smart speakers. You've probably seen some of his data and the voice about that. A articles were shows what's better Amazon echo, Google assistant in terms of general performance characteristics. How they understand accented speech. So he gives his perspective on what's coming out. From Samsung from a performance standpoint around Bixby, Roger Kibi is founder of voice craft and Pete Haas is founder of conversation curve. Both our developers that were finalists in the Bixby capsule competition, they also have extensive experience building for Amazon election, Google assistant. They offer their perspectives and developing for Bixby and how differs from those other platforms. So before we get to our inter. Views. I want to thank further chief who gave us a five star review on apple podcasts further chief said, quote, my favorite recent interviews are Emerson Sklar Jeff Adams, past present and future voice assistance for this newbie. It's fascinating to hear how much history there is with voice technology, and yet how credibly early we are in this movement to smart voice assistance. I think that actually echoes exactly what dot keet Laos, Adam chyers colleague at vivid. Embiid Spey it Samsung it is early. But there is a lot of history. So that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to tell you the history of voice assistance, voice technology, and what's going on today and eventually where that evolves. So thank you very much further.

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