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Val Deming, Australia, Donahue discussed on AP 24 Hour News


In Australia southeast and Donahue AP news Val Deming's is among the Democrats trying to convince senators in the impeachment trial of president trump to call new witnesses this will not calls a substantial delay Republicans are expected to reject new witnesses the AP soccer Makani reports it appears the president is on his way to being acquitted the Senate is now debating after hearing days of arguments and two more of asking questions it's expected to vote late today on whether to allow witnesses the Democrats push appears to have failed after Republican Lamar Alexander announced he will not break ranks I didn't need any more evidence to make my decision telling reporters house prosecutors did approve presidential wrongdoing but he doesn't merit removal from office they're about to dismiss this with a shrug and a who cares number three Senate Democrat Patty Murray and colleagues say the outcome will not be a true acquittal for the president but rather a cover up Sager make Donnie Washington all one hundred ninety five of the Americans recently evacuated from the epicenter of the corona virus in China are going to be quarantine forward to more last fourteen days when when the plane left behind China Dr Nancy masanya a with the centers for disease control and prevention says they will stay at a military base in California while we recognize this is an unprecedented action we are facing an unprecedented public health threat there are six confirm corona virus cases in the US investors are worried about the financial impact of corona virus the Dow dropped as much as five hundred points police say officers fired shots at a vehicle that breach security at president trump's resort in Florida two people are in custody there's no word on injuries president trump is in Washington in New York a key accuser of Harvey Weinstein testified at his rape trial Weinstein make a Sir it made a series of unwelcome advances once trying to kisser as he tried to she tried to fight him off this is ABC news Britain is departing the European Union as of today when work was awake on the site today they will notice very little change Britain and the E. you have given themselves an eleven month transition period in which Britain will continue to follow the blocks rules to strike new agreements on trade security and a host of other areas the big negotiations I DO dissolved in March and yet the signs are not encouraging Britain says it will not agree to follow an easy you rule book in return for unfettered trade the blood consists there can be no trade deal unless Britain agrees to a level playing field and is not on the cot E. U. regulations Charles the love that's not long there's a state of emergency in the Australian capital Canberra because of an out of control forest fire burning a radically to the south people have been advised to prepare to either protect their homes or evacuate the fire is the most dangerous of dozens of fires burning in Australia southeast and Donahue AP news thank you for listening to the AP radio network for news on the go try the eight P. mobile app get breaking US international news from the world's most.

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Val Deming, Australia, Donahue discussed on AP 24 Hour News

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