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Randy elvis duran phone tap. Here comes a phone tap. dear elvis. I wanna phone tap my to aunt who lived together in this comes from. What's her name. Her name is variety. Verity obviously These two women living together. They cannot stand telemarketers. So we're going to six scary jones and he's going to call them and sell them stuff. So let's listen into today's michael oppenheimer phone. Hello this is. Mr michael oppenheimer with bbc dot com. How are you doing today ms okay. But i'm not interested in anything you have to sell. I have a question for you. How do you take something from dull to dazzling all right. I'm not interested if you'd be dazzled with the original be dazzling studded in rhinestone center today. You're in luck. Hi mr michael oppenheimer with the from you. Stop calling prepared to be dazzled. Miss now are you on a list of people to be called today. Miss which i was on call lister not clothes number again you don't be dull deslys with the be dazzling that's number. I do you understand. You can be desolate shirt. A built scarf or a sweater. It's easy and it's fun. Part of the original be does luke plus all the rhinestones the studs and the stars. That you'll need my right ass even if you've never threatened to nevil alone hello even. If you've never threatened a needle you'll be dazzling in minutes. Oh my god. I miss you. Excuse me espanyol matter. This is mr michael oppenheimer. If you order now it will be fourteen dollars and ninety five cents plus seven dollars and ninety five cents shipping and handling. It's great. I don't want it. Do you understand that. I do not want it. Did you ever want to put some shimmer in one of your belt so your pants and you give it to your mother credit card. Would you like to use it this time. Instead of the the be destler is the fashion craze of the season. Ma'am oh are there closed at. You were considering throwing away. No because if they were you don't know no. No no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no generation of dazzling with dazzling citizens are interested in your product. Maybe like to be dazzle. Your shoals don't even idiot missing out business don't you read. Don't speak on her behalf. Okay yeah chit ordered. The dads la margaret. Do not ten anything to this house should be mail fraud. Do not anything. Also listening to this house is. You're not happy with it. you can return it. Would you send unsolicited. it's mine. Frankly i miss hello keep going. She's calling me on my job line. Hello can the lines. Let's hear it. Oh i'm sorry. Guy called thirty times from bedazzle. Michael oppenheim is the dads. Look you know that thing that you put this sparkles and close. Yeah what did he want. He wants to sell if he sold for bedazzled. 'cause now it's on my answering machine when what you bought something you dry. It did not by key. Play the message. Wait a minute hold on you messages. Just can't do this. Mr michael Computer phone so we can complete the transaction. Turn you in five seconds. four three two one. Okay congratulations leased Four days lers great afternoon. Hello hello you should say that. Go online and play that for them afternoon. Hello hello hello. This is mr michael oppenheimer with desma. How you cut into the line. what are you doing. He's in on the line. Would you like to be dazzled. No i'll pass thank you. Would you like to be phone tapped. Oh my name is scary. Jones from elvis. Duran the morning show and phone tapping you. I'm sorry i couldn't help myself. You was so bad. And i called this guy every name under this Granted by all participants. Elvis duran phone tap on elvis duran and the morning show..

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