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Torsten. It's it's good to see you have streams at senior bentley lucite other at nationals and chilean and then i followed the super final very closely i was wishing i was over there with you. Guys was just two quick turnaround after after the ex house to get back to switzerland. But you got a lot of days. You only had a couple. I think the last day in one day in the beginning. That's pretty remarkable for flying in the ryan valley howard. The conditions in what was like so that was a special Have been four times in disentis and suppose the strongest conditions but you said no no accidents. Nobody had any trouble with some close calls or anything. I heard a few people that i follow on instagram. So it was pretty. Refugees decided to land one day and now gas too much might have the so task. He was pretty nasty. Guinea something veteran post blowing in get him. Voting ends a just brewing up crazy. That might little decided not to mention any lenders. Yeah definitely ration-. I've while inside by a Will smash america's not so nice sometimes Absorb castro coming So is very unique area and there are always some surprises around some corners and we had life Luckily we had Though exited the nothing quite coalition. That yeah i mean it's Did i read that. It was the first super final. That's been done proper mountains. Is that correct correct. I was also surprised both against the odds and the always the dream Were of the former Chief who unfortunately died than doing flying like seventy years ago. It was always his dream to hell. This said now with the situation that the ultimate messed up man said road landau it finally the therefore you Successful gets haas racing. As i think about the most sporting event vote helps petition invites. Hope they can keep doing that. Is what a spectacular. The pictures are ryan. Is you know i've flown. They're a bunch with all the races the x. apps and stuff and me like you said it does bite there are some snakes crawl out of the crawl out of the steep mountains air. But it's beautiful on. What an awesome place to race. I agree not what. I what i was a. It's both of live your friends and enjoy racing longer rich Nice insult hold on. Hold his dude ideas substates. So that was that unique symbols Eagles fly but for me the most thing always figure very rock condition said Certain just dry in the decide in trouble glide pro doing at you know students of this iteration menu of a two-speed Pretty but not of china's sitting. I i read pursue over. Yeah yeah yeah fair. Enough up the. How long have you been flying cops. Who was right off. The girls will see got ninety. Four the each. Be juno channing. Ans- something ninety six the first world cup since ninety nine. I'm twenty seven years. I think i keep you keep you keep yourself extremely fit. That must. yeah what what. What is your exercise regime ahead. What do you what do you do it. Cohen was drinking where dan domain Spoil said a. I have some attended Feedback to beat eighty case ads like ben side. And then maybe i i try to jovan. Oxygen kits ivc Though they really enjoy the king posting losing so. I try to meet each days. I'm suppose instead of feeding review goes no wonder you're such a pilot is getting automated so sure you get your kids into line through already Shed they did all of that girl. She's she's suba adventurous. You always based So now where we have to triple adept. But honestly i most heaviest move kite surfing well. Some adults less less gravity related. Come by right.

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