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Paul Brown stadium with quarterback case keenum on Dave Logan. Let's talk specifically about today's game. This is a team that has struggled a bit. And everybody has talked about it from a defensive standpoint they've given up a ton of points. And yet I look at their roster. And I look at the guys that lineup, and I I can't quite figure out as to why that's happened. When you watch these guys on tape during the course of the week what stands out to you. Yeah. Yeah. There's a lot of a lot of pro pollers right side of the ball. You know, it seems like you go down the list, so their depth charge. They go. He's made one. He's me. Wow. And I'm a talented talented guys. You know, and it's just that's football NFL. I mean, there's little things here. And there you watch you watch the film and even some cut ups, and you know, it's a close game there in an all sudden, it's forty five to fourteen when we know there's another tough FC north opponent and big physical defense. So we are not taking this Miley. There's there's no way that we can just go in there roller hat out and expect to win. So we're we've worked extremely hard this week. We know what we got coming in today. And we're we're excited. We're ready to hit the ground running, and, you know, go full full court press attack mode on these guys you hope that you do that every week. But realistically, that's that's not the case with intention. Did you guys address sort of that this week preparing for today's game you're playing in the last three weeks you play teams that have been on lengthy winning streaks? Now, you get a team that's going opposite direction. But as you said, you can't overlook these guys. Did you talk about it? Yeah. I mean, you put it up on paper. We're five six they're five and six and we're in the exact same boat of fighting and claw and trying to get into the dance. So big games. Huge. You know when it comes down to it. If there's going to be a head to head for a while cardis. This is gonna be the deciding factor for them. So, you know, I I think everybody in our locker room knows the importance of the opportunity we have in front of us star. Good luck. That's the case keenum show. Sponsored by the law offices of Dan capless, a serious law firm for serious cases coming up we're going to hear from John Elway that's in the Elway replay. And it will be next on the KOA Broncos radio network. It's a.

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