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To pick a favorite from day in day out, but I think that one always Woz mine and just just sets a mood and just just a terrific record now. Frank, Did you pick all the songs on this? Yeah, I would say I picked most of songs on the Yeah, Yeah, with Sami Mexico and you know, we changed the name of the album. It was called Day and there then we changed it to in love in vain because I did a whole different cover and everything like that. So it's that But the one for my baby was interesting because someone said, Well, you can't do that. That's like Frank Song. Well, So what does that mean? People record that because it's so related to Frank so, but I thought we did a different arrangement. And the thing with that on that album in love in vain is that all the arrangements original. So wasn't like we were copping Sinatra charts or Tony Bender there Nat culture. They were all like original charge. As is with the Billy May album, and they can all be gotten on CD, baby calm. I mean, all my all My music is on CD baby dot com and they've been pretty good to me so far for for the last 15 20 years, so That's where all the music is concerned. There's not that many music stores anymore, just to say the least. And no listening booths. That's out, but no, they're not. It's interesting. A lot of people. Actually, I think have done one for my baby and not done it well. And so when I first got this in my CD does say, day in day out, so I must have I d. Oh, but when I When I saw that I kind of held my breath because a lot of people have done and very few people have done it well. And when I heard yours, it was like off that God says is okay when people sing the national and you can just sing the song, right? You know, it's like like it. Why do you gotta just sing the phone? Make it yours. Sing it, You know, because everyone's always screwing around with stuff too much, You know, I mean thing and see it as written. You know? I It's interesting. You know, I also have a guitar company called Frank Stallone guitars because, you know, when I started out, I didn't have any money and stuff like that. So what we do is we have really great departure really reasonable prices, But they're really great because There's a lot of people out there financially hurting, you know, And I remember is a little kid, you know, playing guitar? That's all I ever thought about was getting like Gibson our offender when I was like a kid now I got too many of them. But That was one of those things in those days. Well, I think we've talked on that documentary. You know, we've had touched on you know, I was always a fan. I'm still a fan of other other other people. I'm Marie. Once I drove out to San Diego to hang out with Frankie Laine all day. Oh, yeah. Yeah, And that was worth every minute and he forgot. I mean, go ahead like 16 17 charted record more than and not forgot. Maybe more than that. I'll tell you. The thing about Frankie Laine is his stuff when it was on Mercury was just the absolute best stuff. In fact, it had so your soul and then, of course, he left. Mercury went to Columbia and the dreaded Mitch Miller redid all those And I swear to God, it was a soul ectomy. And when you listen to it, if you don't know, Frankie Laine, you don't really hear that. But when you're listening to a lucky old sun, it's gotta be the Mercury version is far is a smart guy. My desire off course we was actually very, very good Singer. And he had a lot more soul and swing than a lot of the singers of that time he could swing anywheres hard or harder than Tony Bennett. He was much more animated. And he had he had a great voice, a great price. But the man he was actually a very good performer. He was very, You know, he was very passionate type guy. He was a wonderful man. Yeah, And I remember story when he was first going to date his first wife, Nan, how she thought that he was African American. Because she'd heard him but not seen him. And I remember I met her. Wow. Wow. Yeah, that's that. Good. Well, at the time, she was a beautiful, beautiful woman. Frankie was one of the guys. He lived a pretty normal life. He did very, very well for himself. He was He was very Frugal and he lived very well in San Diego. You know, he had a really nice house and nice life, and he knows funny. He was sitting there and he was an older chanted that time we're just sitting there singing I go. God, You can't miss that voice exactly like you think, you know. Yeah, There's nobody. Like what? Yes, I'm very blessed. You know, they have two quotes one by Frank Sinatra Jr won by Tony Bennett. I've got one from Billy Eckstein. I got one from Frankie Laine seem seven. Con me say that I'm very, very lucky in that sense that I was around long enough when they went when they could hear by music, and Sandy wrote the lion and notes. Too. Oh, good when we out here, so we're gonna pick it up right there were talking to Frank Stallone and that if you want to give us a call, got any questions, And if you haven't seen the documentary, and that's a lot of people, though, it's been doing very well. You will be surprised by some of the things in it, but we're also gonna go back to the beginning because of course I can't can't leave about Philadelphia soul. And a lot more. But 8888765593 is 88 88 Rally on W G and radio..

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