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Network matt bars l has three goals the his of a four one lead calcutta book was asked wednesday the big announcement at belmont park what the new arena can mean for the aisle this discuss sold afars com the organization i think we we've gone ninety percent of the way with obviously this place and the way that the owners from treating us sauce last couple of years um the calibre of the team the amount of talent we have here the willingness to to get players into positions where the team can be successful for a long time com and i think this is this kind of the extra ten percent one of those places i think than jumps it into a top destination i think for players at scout letterbox guinea out as league fourtoone matt bars else first hattrick 12th of the year everley allowed the assists at eleven twenty two to make it a threegoal lead for the first time today for the home team a referee took up puk and fell down in the left wing corner that is kelly sutherland and now he is slow to get up being held by the other guys and strikes today france's sheron steve barton and march shoot yet trying to play the bucket back around the board south of the goal line honorees factor on his feet the referee an offensive zone dropped pool to get 755 to go within the third period through one new york hattrick of the season for the new york islanders johnson bears out the first two josh bailey had his first nhl hat trick december seventeen in columbus at out out this greg it took barely six hundred in seventy one games to get his first hattrick it's taken matt bars l thirty eight contests to do the same unbelievable so the youngster again electrifying the entire national hockey league is matt pours l started the day with nine goals in 2003 assists so certainly a pass first guy but today it is three goals and no helpers yet but the 20yearold senate here jets down three now go to work behind the allender net and it's taken are by shaikhly to the new your corner drops it off port ten add trying to cut toward the net from the right of the ball put it on net and yalaho lock paddle down makes the stop one aisles seven twenty through.

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