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Watch. Generate kind of power nuclear I love. Classes. Continue our conversation about our tour at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant. We have our office manager Jin GRA in with us talking about our experience out there. I don't know about you. But the whole time I felt this industry feels a lot like air travel. Yeah. It was funny that I mean, there was an acronym for everything you did. I mean as you're going along, it was, you know, RCA see as. Sardis EPZ's. USA? Yeah. You'd have to spend, you know, do a whole semester of schooling just to learn the acronyms. But yeah, I've just the there were just buttons and knobs where everything everywhere, and it was cast into the belly of the beast had this big steel door. Like, you feel like you're walking into a shell getting ready to take off you go into the control center at the end of the tour where they monitor all the systems that felt like an air traffic control room. We got a tour a couple years ago out and got to go up in the tower at Luke air force base this setup and the controls and all felt very similar. Yeah. Having gone through the air traffic management degree program at ASU. I mean, I agree. It does it felt like that. It felt like going through the sitting there the simulators. There's just there's a lot going on they simulated a bad scenario forest. So we could hear what the alarm system sounds like. And as it continues to elevate the alarms increase in. We've got an audience. A recording of that will play. You know, the.

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