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Champions. Exactly, freddie. Mercury. Oh god. And Zubin Mehta who is named after conductor. It's a musical lineage are people my people call it maize Peter yet. Remember that commercial is an old Mazzola commercial. And the it was they had a native American guy in the headdress and he's sitting in a boat and he's eating corn. And he's like my people call it maize. And it was like Mozell Ola corn. Goodness anyway. So I train my voice. And so now, I have to do less takes and I'm able to go live. So even though we do this art where we're cutting it up in the studio when I have to perform at the way to die live, which I do fifty times a year when I do my life show. Really? Yeah. So I do that one seven year. I did about twenty you're hitting on all the killers. Like seven years is. I think the most touching of them all seven years, my favorite, and Tom Tom was the genius behind how to Tom and Logan back there genius of how to cinematography is that. And the emotion of it were sitting in the edit speaking of that. So the editors those were your kids. Those are my kids. Your clinic his my family my wife. It's my dad, so it was a personal thing. And sitting in the on the apex, you're pushing it on my daughter, and it's like, you know, soon album, sixty his old and his emotional piece. And we didn't feel it. We didn't feel we didn't feel and then we're like two to about this trend that one microseconds here all of us are crying. We're like, okay. That's it hits end. Thus the thing that's the process and same with the musical piece. So then once you do it you make craft this thing here. But when you go and do it live takes on a whole new persona because you have this input. And you're doing it in one take. And that's where I think the real artistry starts to try to I'm calling at artistry. I'm fucking professional clown. But it feels like that on because you're seeing the synchronization of the audience with the message people are crying. You're feeling this energy and afterwards, they'll tell you. This is how you made me feel during that. And I'm twenty year veteran of thirty or nurse or on the forty year RT or whatever it is. And that's what really gets you all of that is that's the process, then we'll put it out. Then we'll brainstorm the video then we'll. Oh, beg our hospital. The let us shoe extras are all real medical people. Nobody's paid will go into a rented quip -ment. We'll get the crew and we'll do it. And then how long has shoot say those two videos. They're like day. Yeah. Because we don't have. We don't have a choice because we're operating a real hospital with real patients running around. So we have to go to a wing where maybe they're not on overflow right now. So we can do it. And they're kind enough Celeste do it. And then maybe they'll kick us out because the extended the invitation to me so many times to be in a video just gotta take you up on one of these. I I'll be the guy that just like walks by Noel, even see me we're doing a parody of the bare naked ladies one week. I don't know if I sent it to you. Remember that song it's been one. You don't realize I went to high school with bare naked ladies fuck you. Yeah. There was guidance counselor. The creek and brothers, right? Andrew Jim dad was our guidance counselor Mike God. So I saw them in nineteen ninety one in Berkeley in a small little club before they're famous, and I was like these guys are God's the, you know, this is me in great, non baby. Yeah. This all my God notice. It's great nine not ninth grade. No because it's cana- raid nine so I always loved the bare naked ladies one week wasn't my favorite song..

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