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Because when I was watching them last week, they had really come off rush. A rough stretch they had brought four out of five one win in that that stretch was against the hawks on game that was actually kinda relatively posts. I'm so really they're worse stretch basketball season watching red Stevens. Given interview was a shoot around the for the game later that evening. You know, rainy was asking him say, you know, you know, what do you do this in turn around things are right direction. Things are going. Well, what is your team needs to be better in Brad Stevens if the site? Lives. Very clearly he said, there's no big things. Everybody wants to talk about big things. You would be changed. Your starting line of changing rotations or change your folks. Each focus on defense. Everyone wants to take about big things. He says really I've been talking to guys about cleaning up little takes. It's always just just little things. And, you know, talk on this podcast talk with my players of ridgeville. My players are girls in rates five through eight of of players in in I preach to the basketball team emails, and when we talk about the four or five support follies that a successful basketball player has a one of those qualities is attention to be out. And I, you know, I talk about Golden State. Golden State is the best team in the NBA over the last number of years, not just because of their talent. But because of their attention to this Boston has done this year it's gotten away from attention to detail at certain stretches during the season so far if you feel back and watch them early in the season. I thought the offense just look very helter skelter her jerky getting into a little bit of take turn type stuff getting into more. So than the. I need to need to have certain players last year because of injuries the playoffs. They had to go to a little bit more ice Avesta wall where sometimes of Terry Rozier was on the phone sex unit. It have a lot of shooters around him. Just kind of had tried to make things happen on his own. And it looks like this season with the started. They were kinda back metality. So we thought about Brad Stevens coaching. It's like this. I think one thing is is managing egos in trying to keep people happy. But the most successful teams of the purchase are convinced the players that the best.

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