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You company houston young successful entreprenuer. Musk welcome back to another week of oil money. Podcast with myself. Johnny davis and use of chowdhry this week. We got pete marshall. Vp of land at iron orchard. Thanks guys hello. Hello says and let me let me say first before we get going that intro. That is on the song. The song is very very impressive. So the first time i heard the song i literally first of all the best part about song is it doesn't say don his name. So that makes actually. That really upsets donnie. But i actually thought it was a joke. The first time i heard it because i was like this is so lame. This is a joke. Help your name out. Yeah i. I actually thought it was legitimate joke. I thought the digital wildcatter guys were just like a prank on. Yeah i thought so just like this is so stupid and then i got so many people be like. Hey we love the intro. And i was like screw you okay. Good and then so many people kept saying. I'm like you know what maybe it is pretty good so then it actually got a good love it. I think it's great. It's just missing a couple of important words. At this point saw concerned i mean important is objective in this situation but no it it is. It is a cool intro and we definitely need to add a big dog's name in there so what we'll get there but peterman Obviously thank you for so much for coming on this week And having us or having us having a your gummy flustered those man did thank you for having us on your body yes. I'm flustered so no no you know i've known you so i met through kind of some. You know just naturally we just start talking about some deal flow stuff you know. There were some some basic Some feels that it just made sense for us to talk to each other me and talk to each other and it was one of the most genuine conversations i've had anybody in oil and gas will know you can immediately pick on a genuine conversation and you can immediately pick up on a conversation that is you know what we're both here to make money. We bowl really. Don't wanna be here and you know it is what it is right me and pete where the complete opposite. It was genuine conversation. We talked about everything from how we were feeling that they how we're feeling about the industry how we felt about the deal and it just honestly it just kept on growing and growing and growing now pete. I would consider a very good friend to us. If i mean i is very organic Nothing was forced and those relationships are hard to decipher what they really are..

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