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I unfortunately woke up to the other day. I'm sorry no it's good. I need to know these things. Helen mccrory who played a lot of different roles in her life. But my personal favorite. Aunt paul from peaky blinders past fifty two from cancer this week. is obviously season. Six got delayed filming. They went back into production recently. I don't i don't know if she's a part of it at all But it's definitely gonna change the trajectory for the tv show as a whole but also Just heartbreaking because she was a wonderful actress. She's a powerhouse on that show mustang everybody's posts like just actors from all of the things that she's been in and just like yeah. She just seems like she was just a dope person. Yeah like a really cool. Prime her her husband damian lewis who. I'm also a very big fan of a band of brothers and stuff like that had a very heartfelt message that he was the one who announced it to everyone on on twitter. And i'm heartbroken by it she's probably my In my top three favorite characters on that show by tar for sure Yeah definitely. I think i had her as my number two actually But you know. Definitely lots of love out to to Damian lewis and the rest of her family and her family as well peaky blinders. It's a huge loss to the acting. World i wish them all the best. The yeah just bummed out man. Yeah yeah i literally woke up and my wife heard me from the rim. Just go fuck morning. She's like you said buteau what happened. And i was like no. There's happened to me to bonnie heard. No yeah no. Yeah same. Same well and not in for something pretty much the same this week the company. I'm i hope. That's i'm saying that right doesn't matter. But they made a huge announcement that was a strike to the film industry that they are closing the doors of arclight cinemas and pacific theaters. Yeah I don't i don't know if arc light is a a internet or like a national one but in la there's like several locations including the world famous cinerama dome You seen pictures of hollywood. You've probably seen pictures of the cinerama dome For me I'm more hit by pacific theatres. 'cause one of the theaters that i went to growing up off. It was a pacific theater. Down in san diego and It's it's hard news to here and Makers are up and not up. arms isn't really quite the right term but they are speaking out and just saying how there was an article done by the l. a. times basically the headline is the click beta. I can't imagine hollywood without and then it's just a bunch of filmmakers. Explain why this loss matters. And it's people like edgar writes A whole bunch of other filmmakers. Of just i mean the cinerama dome alone is is such a. It's like at the and went down. Yeah and the and is now. amc amc africa. Yeah so it's i mean we've been talking the past few months just the state of even just the theater industry and What's going to happen and they tried. I think even just a couple of weeks ago. They were making post about like things coming out to theater soon and this took everybody by.

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