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Okay, let's get back to this amazing program. Okay, everybody we're going to do another amazing start at this one is clear road and Paul Salama now thank is the COO your founder and CEO Federico was too busy to pitch me. Is that right? Tread lightly or saying it, what is it? You know what? Actually he has a Frenchaccent and so we figure that my American accent. He would go better on MIR, I would've loved a little French accent right now. But Frederick this is this is a power move. I'm just a message to Frederick sending your COO and meeting with another investor. Instead of me, that is like the ultimate nag. Now I have to wonder like there's probably ten more important investors than me. He was terrified actually of me more of of you in particular, really God. I gotta work on that. I mean, I do get that once in a while. All right. Here we go. Paul, the CEO of clear road. You have two minutes on the clock, three to them. Thanks Jason. So in America, the people's least favorite activity is the drive commute in the morning, and that's no surprise given how terrible our roads are. We're actually facing a backlog of almost a trillion dollars. We've relied on gas taxes, but these are becoming obsolete and actually tolling solutions eat up forty percent of the revenue in the system cost. So clear out his solving this funding crisis with micro tolling that is charging drivers a very small amount based on the miles that they drive. On any road actually. And we're doing this are secret is that we collect old data data that's already being provided from connective vehicle technologies. So you're onstar system your metromail.

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