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I when they're playing the sisters right during the stings during the fleece jobs and they'd walk over and over again I see that's slow motion shot of them walking down the bar all of them. Are you on a runway but that was funny but it happened like four times. Aren't you trying to be a little bit like. Oh Yeah we're sisters. We just happen to be here every time they have to walk down to the audience that they're pulling scambos data to every unsuspecting guide all these bombshells if I needed to see that five times to longer fee Jennifer Lopez longer be but Lorraine Fara who I'm saying that right Scott Skafar area so far as far. The meddler was also very good. I enjoyed other Jersey girl. Come on by Jersey girl. I said that and Jelly you don't solicit you didn't see Giglio. No that's all I reviewed it. the same director that hustlers the medlar. There's very little crossover here you you could not tell that it was the same director. I don't think at all however I did like the Metro quite a bit starring. Susan Serandon Rose Byrne as well as Brian Jacobs Simmons. That's about a rose burns just trying to get away from her mother and Susan Sarandon's just always in her life and like moves where she moves funny funny. It was a lighthearted comedy. I enjoyed it. Should I sit the medlar. it's all right. I mean if it's on in the room can sit down. You don't have to like dry die for the remote I want to. I want to suggest you die for and find it but you don't have to turn it off if it's on. Jennifer Lopez has essentially a cameo injure girl the opening why we're talking about Mattis because that's the last movie I've seen her. Why would you see that truly Kevin Smith Get out. Get Out. Get Out. Get Out now good movie 'cause I'm not bad what else you see brand right there in the now what what else Seinfeld. Let's move on to films this week House. You're very excited for me to see it. I was it's amazing the amazing Jonathan Documentary. It's called the amazing Jonathan Documentary directed by Benjamin Berman who you see a lot of see a lot of Ben Burn. It's okay though we're going to have to do almost entire discussion for the Patriots only spoiler discussion. I'm afraid because it's that kind of movie we'll be and I just WANNA. I'm so excited I have not been able to talk to anybody about this movie at Bright. I'm very excited and talk to me. Is this the kind of maybe that's best best left like don't say anything about it because it unfolds in a very weird way yeah yeah. I think the less you know about this one the better and I think that you and I are both fortunate enough to have seen always amazing which was a patch job of a documentary of so that a few times now which is what you mean by that. It's just kind of like a little bit here talking head there. This is amazing Jonathan within and found it very conventional annoyed it but it's like it's like amazing. Jonathan had a brother who was looking to make something for his brother about his brother. You know what I mean it. Didn't it didn't feel like somebody any fawning yeah. It didn't really feel like somebody who knew what they were doing. made it. It you know Steve. Berg seems like a good guy hurt him. Bill Berry's first time filmmaker. I just Kinda did this on the side and he was just fucking around. I heard them talking about it when he talked to me about it on the show and he seemed very passionate. Let's dug in first time director when I was watching it and you had signed a to me thinking wrongly thinking that it was the sundance movie that you had flagged and you were very excited right and I could see how you make that mistake because there's two documentaries out at the same time about the same guy I was watching ten minutes and I said this last week and you made your little joke and and I said well this is not does not feel like Sundance quality caliber and I said well. They're just taking everything now everything and then he said not taking groupers and then we went to break. It was very hurtful right. So all you need to know is that there is another documentary always amazing which we talked about yes earlier in the year and that was wrecked by Steve Byrne and this one the amazing Jonathan Documentary is directed by Benjamin Berman and I'm going to leave it at that so it is about the amazing Jonathan who was a comedian slash a former magician and like a prop comic almost and he's got a a huge following he had a residency in Las Vegas and that's the guys of documentary that's what the documentary essentially initially was supposed to be about and then it turns into something else because of other events and once you see this documentary as one of the funniest both you've ever seen once. You know what you're looking at you. You have to see the documentary. Let me ask you this. Did I over sell it a little bit but I mean you raved about it so much. I liked it quite a bit. I didn't find ended like transcended like holy. Shit what's happening. It was more like this is. This is a really unique. Well done documentary unlike most that I have ever seen yeah. I just got the talking head. Burn out I've had quite this is not that most documentaries are talking heads. They look slick. They look smooth. It was it in this documentary that we see. I we see mark. I will fucking. He's like we've got enough. We've we've got. We've got enough documentaries. You can still making merit Mark Mary. Yeah that was in this documentary right. I think it's also just the journey the of this poor filmmaker who's having some some tough times and it wasn't him more about maybe the only documentary I've ever seen were where it's the type with documentarian in it where it makes sense and it has to be that way other than maybe super size me. Morgan spurlock yeah so that was obviously that was the movie so he made some other stuff to this guy. He's not. He's not he's director workaholics. I feel like okay. I've seen worked with the TIM and Eric. Show for a while so I mean this. Guy's got some comedic chops but he's not going for comedy but it is funny with this. Thank should we just leave it at that. Yeah I guess I don't really know what else to say aside from getting into the what makes it interesting because it takes a turn I'd say probably fifteen twenty minutes then right if that yeah then and we don't WanNa even reveal the the turn so I I think we'll leave it at that but hey streaming on Hulu. If you guys have who do watch this if you have the time to invest watch the first one first and then and then watch this when always amazing compared to the fire festival docs like think. I'm glad I saw both because it gives me much fuller. Ideals were much more similar than these two right but right in the sense that seeing both gives gives you a much fuller picture of US going. You could show me clips of those and I but I I'm not sure which ones which fired but this one I mean. They'd be like oh well. That's that's the always amazing Asian documentary now. It's always my God. It's so you know where to go all right so let's get the fuck out here. That's all you have is the one on movie. I got to assigned film yeah. Oh yeah inflict that one in Chicago. What thank you do have another one. That's called Manos but I'm not going to do it right now. Else Manos and this one will be bandied about around award season. I I can't envision a world where this isn't up for best foreign language film. It's called the Manos. It's a modern day. Take on Lord of the flies Brian and let me just tell you it's pretty fucking intense and I will be talking about that one next week all right. I got a bank. Thank you here all right. We're already thirty minutes in so I'm not gonNA spend maybe I win and force you to watch working modest be seen theaters. Brian Select theaters theaters coming up next. We're GonNa talk about what we think of theater soon fall preview another book was purchased through Amazon banning other textbooks of course well I don't. I don't know so interesting. I I never thought this was I mean everything has to be taught right and everything you have to learn how to be taught and this is someone purchased not this the international medical guide for ships including the ship's medicine just. I guess if you're going to be a physician or a doctor or medical professional on Sean the ship on a submarine on a boat gotta you gotTa know. Your oh thematic at it being no ship that they meant like you know knowing like how to administer surly triage to an actual schiphol like if there's oh I imagine would be that's the way you phrased it right yeah. That's a good point now. Imagine it'd be international medical a guide for people on on if you didn't put the people on chip I read the book other things purchased on Amazon banner this top Anderson and Brian Dot Com because at the end Canon digital camera professional accessory bundle fourteen items in the mud landon suspensive Idaho. DJ Osmo pocket hand-held three axis gamble gamble gamble stabiliser within weeks ago..

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