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I'm feeling pretty good with my number one pick. He had to give five minutes events. Were picking registers. All guys is like i could ask you a question about roger since i don't know that much about him i know he came from medical. Everyone's saying that that's kind of like the savvy transfer by of the season is it just because because he's going to city and because pep chose remember like arson finger would pick players automatically you think they're good just because i mean if you've watched <hes> just some some of him playing. I mean like he's in terms of what the job that fernandina does for city <hes> kind of being something thing like destroyer but also a bit of a string puller roger is both of those things and he's kind of like sergio boost gets but also like fernan dino and he's he's only twenty three athletic to those you saw in the community shield where he he can he can boss around that midfield and cover a lot of ground in a way that fernandina just hasn't been able to do and that's a position. That's been a position of need for them for a couple of couple of transfer windows. Now i think the only thing that i mean to shockers point to the only thing that you can really kind of see as being a a weakness for them as the fact that they didn't really provide cover centreback company went and you know you kinda got what she got from company for the last couple of seasons but not bringing anyone in <hes> does seem like they are a little. It'll threadbare. Their centrebacks are in high demand in limited supply. It seems i'll have one drawback from manchester city this season. You know what that is. What's that they moved moved from nike to puma real ugly jurors. S arsenal made a similar move when they went to puma now. Thank god arsenals with adidas. I guess i shouldn't if wants to sponsor. The answer is but the city kids actually what city has like a commemorative kit. That's really nice is just plain sky blue but their third kit and their away kit are atrocious versus donnie. Are you saying you would prefer to eat a nike clete rather than a pool maclay because we can we can go out and one of those miles say about city honestly hope i hope we not mentioned that got carson darby keepers joining them on loan. That's the move is picking up the keepers because they got the analysts whose what's what's. M._l._s. does name. He's on loan. Check stuff yeah so we'll never see him all right so with the number two pick connor not really any controversy controversy here liverpool liverpool <hes> i do not see them as overtaking city for number one but the point differential between the two is probably going to be pretty negligible as it was last year. Really you think it's going to be like one point. Two points that i i feel like we're also kind of discounting. The fact that like a lot of will all of liverpool's frontline was playing into july like in terms of international football con copa. Eh gonna have like the kind of deflated performance and the first couple of weeks of the season which gets you into the most important piece of business that liverpool's don't over the over. The transfer window is his is reaping long term..

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