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Wayne Simmons with two of them, the others going to Oscar Lindblom, Robert Hague and Scotland from the gecko we good we knew they were gonna come out hard in the first ten minutes, and we weathered it. And and continued to go forward. And I thought we took it to them for most cities Brian Elliott twenty three saves in net including killing a five on three penalty. Thurs tough sometimes on your open your own ring. You know, you have all the spectacles and the show. Sometimes it takes away from your focus a little bit in the road team just has to come in. You don't play in a row the flyers won their opener. They've played the Avs tomorrow night. The Minnesota Vikings give up over twenty seven points a game. So of Carson Wentz and the eagles offense can't get going Sunday. That'll be worrisome side. We know we're going to get their best. We know they're going to be a physical defensive comes in. Your Blake's didn't see once when the birds bloom out this past January, but their new offensive coordinator is Carson's former quarterbacks coach John D Filipo who's obviously very familiar very very confident in himself. But to a point where it rubs off on others in a good way. Not a bad way, the whole team just kind of felt his confidence and felt his swagger juice and fed off the and one of the matchups to watch this week as wide receiver, Sean Jeff Regan's Minnesota quarter Xavier Rhodes gonna play them a lot when I was with Chicago. So I look forward to Sunday's kickoff. Four twenty-five from the link, Geoffrey Fletcher Cox and Jason Peters. Full. Participants at practice yesterday. Corey Clement Darren sproles, Derek Barnett remained out patriots. Routed the colts and Thursday night. Football thirty eight twenty four you got three touchdowns for Tom Brady, including number five hundred of his career and LDS openers dodgers six nothing over the Braves brewers at three to ten inning. Walk off the top the Rockies and the seventy Sixers pre season they a preseason game this morning from Shanghai. They take on the maverick. At seven thirty our time. That's sports. Dave Uram KYW News Radio. News time five forty eight up next on KYW, NewsRadio largest.

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