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We could use those daily briefings these last two weeks. I will say this those things that we all mocked about a year and a half ago. Those might have been helpful all right. Let's turn to the dominant political story right now. The summer And that's andrew cuomo. Here's letitia james. The attorney general new york laying out the allegations against the governor. The investigation found that governor andrew cuomo sexually harass current and former new york state employees by engaging an unwelcome and nonconsensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of us suggestive sexual nature that created a hostile work environment for women as a colleague said on the air to me. I said he's a man island and this person said yeah and high tides coming off right so so i mean it's not a matter of if but when i guess it was just going to say how how does this do you want to be impeached and become the second governor in the history of ever again in new york a cuomo. Not being able to run for office. Think about okay right. So do you do that or do you want to say. I'm not running for reelection. But i'm not going to resign little lake. Do you wanna say on going to resign. Once you see the the numbers you know other politicians have been able to survive with the bill clinton we think about donald trump in part because they had the base with them. You know don't Both of those still had core support from their base. You go back and look at the polling even a month ago. Chuck fifty something percent democrat. Said he shouldn't. He shouldn't be impeached today. Fifty something percent of democrats say cuomo should be impeached. I how does the legislature does not here. There's no incentive for them not to impeach him right his over whether whether he resigns whether he doesn't run again his fears over new coming back from this for him. Bill debit if you're the democratic party new york that's right that's when you need them out. You need them out when the calendar says twenty one. That's counter says twenty two while i mean democrats don't need this to be an ongoing story and it's not just a new york story. It's a national story. And so i think that's why you see that mario cuomo has not one single democrat. Andrew.

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