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And developed now the downside is if you're going to go out and sign new players you're going to have to get rid of some of the guys that you already have under contract out the door goes jordy nelson and his ten point two five million in compensation aaron rodgers issued a statement expressing his sadness at the departure of jordy nelson rogers and nelson they had the franchise record for the most touchdowns between a receiver and a quarterback at sixty five and nelson is third in team history with five hundred fifty catches fifth in receiving yards with seventy eight forty eight and second in touchdowns with sixty nine so now it's davante adams randall cobb and jimmy graham and you can't help but wonder we'll randall cobb be the next guy to go because we're already thinking after they pay davante adams fourteen and a half million per year that either cobber nelson would be out and i don't know what they paid for graham see i haven't seen grams numbers if if the numbers don't come out during this free agency frenzy within thirty minutes or so after the deal is leaked it tells me the numbers aren't great and it may be that graham chose to take less than he could have gotten elsewhere to play with aaron rodgers that graham is sick of getting paid well and playing for a team that didn't use him right and now he knows that he will be used right how will jordy nelson be used going forward a predictable report emerged that nelson would like to play for the patriots who wouldn't the question is do the patriots want nelson to play for them he'll visit the raiders today and the raiders reportedly will dump michael crabtree if they get jordy nelson i'll take him who jordy nelson yeah well i'll take either one in san francisco crab for your jordi.

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